GoPranzo — The real time deal engine

The real time mobile marketplace that connects diners with restaurants offering fabulous deals and discover popular food events and specials near you. You get to discover Real-Time Deals, Food Festival, Fabulous LIVE Restaurant Deals and Popular Food Events Happening Near Your Location with GoPranzo App.

Among the top best features of the App, below mentioned are the most appealing ones for your information:

Real-Time Deals — Enabled with Geo Location, we can find you anywhere!

Live Deals

GoPranzo automatically detects the restaurants closest to your current location and shows you exclusive deals taking place at that moment.

We make sure you never miss out on an awesome deal.

You also earn good karma by sharing it with your friends via all the social media platforms we are present on.

The best of all is that you don’t need to buy these deals, they are FREE!

Today’s Specials

Today’s special

Uncover the most attractive food events and specials near you!

Whether it’s your favourite band playing or a mouth-watering food festival next to your house — you will know it all.

GoPranzo keeps you updated — so relax and keep saving money

Also do share it with your loved ones on social media or WhatsApp.

With GoPranzo mobile app, you can carry exciting deals in your pocket!

Book a Table

Book a table

With awesome deals, WE make to make table booking for you, absolutely easy.

So you no longer have to wait in the queue to grab the deal. Partnering with 100s of restaurants, table booking for you couldn’t be easier than this…

How to book a table?

How to book a table?

How to book a table?

How to grab a deal?

With amazing features that work in favour to your needs, GoPranzo proves to be an end to end solution to your hunger needs.

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