A Sell Sheet That Sells

When you present a sell sheet to someone, you want them to not only read it but to keep it and act on it. Whether that’s going straight to your website to set up an appointment for a showing or establishing a licensing agreement for your amazing product, your sell sheet needs to be compelling and capitalize on its promise — a sale. In order to get to that point, your sell sheet must speak to the reader.

What Do You Need On Your Sell Sheet?

When crafting a sell sheet, there are some obvious components that must be included. How you put those components together, however, can have a large impact on whether someone reads through your sell sheet and gives you a ring or whether they find the nearest recycling bin.

Your sell sheet should make it easy on a potential client or buyer. It should clearly detail what your product or service is, why it matters, and how they can get one. It should have a beautiful image that invites the reader to imagine themselves using the product or service.

Presenting Your Ideas or Products

Example Sell Sheet

How you arrange those necessary components may differ by industry, however, they should all appear in some form.

To begin with, how do you intend to draw attention to your product? Are you selling a lovely 4-bedroom rancher with a large yard or a doodad that promises amazing technological capabilities? Coming up with an eye-catching headline can help you create curiosity and encourage your reader to continue.

Once you have their attention, you may opt to insert an image to drive the idea home or to list the benefits of your product. Remember, the benefits of the product are its advantages, not its features. Those can come later on after you’ve told them about the amazing school district the rancher is located in or how your doodad helps a typical laptop work 4–5 times more efficiently. When thinking of benefits, keep in mind the problem you are solving for your target audience and be brief. With this, you are whetting your target audience’s appetite.

Any image chosen for your sell sheet should be attractive and of high resolution. If you only have a prototype of your product, it is generally worthwhile to have a 3D model made to highlight it to best advantage.

The features of your product should include those items that a potential buyer needs to know. For real estate, this includes the square footage, how many bathrooms a home has, etc. A technological product should include information about compatibility among other things. This is the nuts and bolts section that helps answer lingering questions.


Don’t just provide all that wonderful information and then leave them hanging! Make sure to include a call to action that tells your potential clients or customers what to do next. Should they watch a video to learn more? Go directly to your website to set up a meeting? Let them know and be sure to include your contact info and your company logo.

A sell sheet can be vital when you’re trying to move a house and differentiate it from others on the market or when you want to introduce a new product to potential licensees. Don’t go it alone. If you want your sell sheet to look professional, have it done by professionals. At Printing Depot, we assist clients in putting together creative sell sheets that positively showcase their products or ideas. With the use of our in-house graphic designer, we can create eye-catching sell sheets that get saved and acted upon. Contact us to learn more.