Are Greeting Cards Obsolete?

There’s something gratifying about receiving a card in the mail. The nice heft, the heartfelt message. It’s heartwarming to know that someone, somewhere was thinking of you. Greeting card companies like Hallmark are taking a hit, however. The company has downsized almost half of its worldwide staff in the face of winnowing distribution. So are greeting cards obsolete?

Not quite.


Hallmark’s troubles are not a sign of the greeting card’s demise. Rather, they are a cry for customization. Cookie cutter cards with boring or obvious sentiments no longer excite people. With the internet, many have turned to making their own greeting cards or just sending digital messages. Both of these are great options, however, the latter isn’t the best for a local business. It’s easy to delete or to open and forget about it. Let’s face it, when a business sends a greeting card, they want it to be remembered and pinned to the fridge. They want to remind a valued client to stop in and see them. So how can you garner a positive conversion from a card?

Be Original

Rather than stocking cards with the normal sentiments — Happy Birthday, etc. — prepare to think outside of the box. When a customer opens your envelope, they should be curious about what they are going to find and compelled to read your message.

With a local Tampa business printer, you can customize greeting cards just for you customer base. With unique messages that speak to your target audience and evocative imagery that appropriately markets your brand, you can remind your customers and clients just why they like you so much.

Whether you’re a dentist reminding your clients to schedule a checkup or an insurance agent keeping in touch, your message can be shared in a fun way that encourages your clients to act or to refer you to friends. Planning on participating in a charity event? Why not send an RSVP and invite your clientele to join you? Whatever you want to say, it can be deftly handled in a custom greeting card.

Be Relevant

Your original message won’t get you anywhere if you aren’t relevant. Sending a “Congrats on Your New House!” card 6 months or a year after someone moves probably won’t net you that homeowner’s insurance policy. To ensure you’re on top of your greeting card game, make it part of your routine. Someone in your office should be checking weekly what kind of correspondence needs to go out. For example, if you’re a dentist and have started offering teeth whitening, you can send a birthday card stating, “You’re another year older — but your teeth don’t have to look it! Call us for a birthday treat: 50% off your first teeth whitening procedure! Those birthday selfies will look better than ever!” As long as it’s sent around the recipient’s actual birthday, they’ll not only learn about your new service but they’ll feel like you care about them, too. That’s pretty win-win.

Don’t Buy Bulk, Create!

Don’t buy those bulk cards with generic greetings! Craft your own greeting cards with a skilled Tampa business printer. Whether you want to design the whole card yourself or receive assistance from a highly-skilled graphic designer, Printing Depot has you covered.

Customize, be original, and stay relevant — let Printing Depot help you spread your company’s message with high-quality printed materials today. Give us a call or stop in to your Tampa location. We’d love to hear from you!