Writing a Knockout Brochure For Your Company

Your marketing has a big job to do. It needs to sell your services or products, all while making your company look good. It needs to be memorable, strike a chord, and serve as a call to action. That’s a lot to ask of something as simple as a brochure, but with these tips, you’ll know you’re painting your company in the best possible light.

What Do You Wanna Say?

Depending on the purpose of your brochure, it will need to answer different questions. Consider these various brochure types.

Business Brochure

If your brochure’s primary purpose is to introduce people to your new business, you’ll want to address what your business does and who it serves. First, begin with why someone should read your brochure. Let’s say you’re a local credit union and you’re trying to convince people who use traditional banks to make the switch. An ideal headline might be something like, “Are you ready to say goodbye to bank fees?” Then, the rest of the brochure can highlight the benefits of the credit union, identify why people should switch, and then provide the reader with a clear set of actions to take to make the switch.

Product Brochure

Introducing a new product often requires that you either explain why it’s better than what’s currently on the market or create a new market for a new product with no comparable competitors. The most important question your product brochure must answer is, “How is this item going to add value to my life?” In addition, it should still begin with an eye-catching heading or question before explaining the benefits and then making a clear call to action.

Service Brochure

Wow, a new service? How will it help your potential clients? What makes your service stand out from the competition? Your service brochure should clearly state that advantages of using your service and create a compelling case for clients to call you or go to your website. After an intriguing headline, make it clear who will benefit from your service and how. Close with clear actions an interested party can take to schedule an appointment or consultation.

For each of these different brochures, you’ll need to keep your audience in mind. If you’re selling to techies, your copy is going to be a lot different than if you’re selling eco-friendly commercial carpet cleaning. Not only does your copy need to be directed towards your audience, but it needs to be in your brand voice. Whether you choose an informational, a casual, or a chatty style is up to, but it needs to be consistent throughout your marketing.

What Do You Want Potential Customers to See?

Picking the right images for a brochure can be difficult — and that’s not all you have to worry about. In addition to the images, you’ll need to concern yourself with the layout, the fonts, and any other graphics you may want to add. This can be done with the aid of free software, or you can get a professional’s help. At Printing Depot, we know graphic design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we have graphic designers on staff to help our clients achieve the look they want with the service they deserve.

Partnering with a Local Tampa Print Shop for Best Results

Make sure your paper is glossy and your images sharp with high-quality printing from a local Tampa print shop. At Printing Depot, we understand the importance of quality marketing materials and how they positively reflect on your brand. Partnering with a skilled commercial printer can make all the difference.

You’ve worked hard to create the right copy, make sure you put it on the best paper. A trained printer can help you choose the paper and finish that’s right for you. Plus, with multiple sizes and fold styles to choose from, you can ensure that your brochure best represents your company. Ready to create? Give us a call and let’s get started!