Stand Out With These Printed Materials

Getting noticed can be hard. In most industries, competition is fierce. How can you get your company visibility?

Whether you need to make your trade show booth stand out or catch the eye of people passing your storefront, a Tampa commercial printer can help. Here’s what you need to make sure you get the attention your business deserves.

High-Quality Printed Materials

There are a lot of printed materials that can help you call attention to your business. Some of the most popular are large items like banners and posters.

A banner is great for affixing to a trade show tent or to a table. Grand opening banners are also popular for new businesses to highlight the big day. Banners come in a variety of sizes and styles. Select from various color options and display options to create a custom banner that speaks to your customer.

Posters are great for storefront windows as well as visual displays within a shop, office, or trade show booth. Whether you need a large poster to showcase a sale or an outfit or a small poster to highlight your shop or office hours, Printing Depot has you covered. With a variety of sizes, two finishes, and two paperweights, you can craft the look you want. Plus, Printing Depot has graphic designers on staff who can help you perfect your poster so it’s ready for showtime.

Partnered with a direct mail postcard campaign, you can attract new and returning customers to your business with the right banners and posters! But don’t stop there! Make sure you have all the marketing materials you need to ensure your new customers come back!

Clear Copy

So, what should go on those premium printed goods? That depends on your purpose. If you’re highlighting your business at a trade show, you’ll likely want your company name and motto or logo printed on a banner, in addition to any brochures, business cards, and sell sheets you’ll be handing out.

If you’re advertising a sale or want to create generic sale signage, consider what will be on sale and for how long. You’ll want to entice people to stop in with your message, so “sale” in large letters may not be enough. Consider wording such as “Everything up to 50% off!” or “All shoes, buy one get one free!” Everyone loves a good sale so use verbiage that shares your sale information clearly. Make it easy for your potential customers to shop.


Where you place your banners and posters is just as important as what they say. Make sure that they are in the sight line of potential clients. Check that there are no distracting elements like posts or bright light that obscure your signs or make them harder to read. Hang them carefully and check that they are level. How you hang them is important, too! You don’t want to have visible tape or crinkled corners. Securely hang your banners and posters in a professional manner and it will reflect well on your business.

Whatever you want to stand out — from posters and banners to specially printed mugs, key rings, and magnets — Printing Depot is here to help! As your local Tampa print shop, we’re committed to helping you paint your business in the best light. That means high-quality printed materials that entice new and returning customers to shop with you or to hire you.

Printing Depot can help you perfect your banners, posters, and postcards — or you can do it all yourself on our website. We aim to provide our customers with the service they want, so give us a call or check out our site today!