What Printed Materials Should Your Office Always Have on Hand?

Whether you’re running an office that relies on drop-ins or where appointments are necessary, there are certain printed materials you should always have on hand to keep business running smoothly. From business cards to carbonless forms, printed materials help you work more efficiently and help keep your business top-of-mind with potential clients and customers.

Business Cards

One thing every business person, whether they’re a real estate professional or an orthodontist, should have on hand is a stack of business cards. Clients should be able to easily grab a card to share with a friend who they think would appreciate your service. Keep a nice stack in a holder by your reception desk or on your own desk so they are always accessible to whoever may want one.

Whether you like a plain design or enjoy colors that pop, Printing Depot has a solution for you. Simply upload your own design or work with one of our graphic designers to create a card that is just you.

Appointment Cards

For offices that require appointments, from chiropractors to podiatrists, appointment cards are useful for reminding clients and patients when you’ll be seeing them again. Generally the same size of a business card, appointment cards are often kept with the receptionist who will be filling them out and handing them out. Many people keep them in their purses or wallets or pin them to the fridge. Creating an eye-catching appointment card can help your clients remember their appointments and keep your contact info in plain sight.

Marketing Materials

Whatever services you offer, make sure you are telling potential clients and customers about them with professionally printed brochures, flyers, sell sheets, and more. Make your waiting room work for you with a variety of brochures or hang your sell sheets in the window to highlight which properties you currently have listed. Your marketing materials can help you convert more customers by providing useful information in an easy to read format.

Letterhead & Envelopes

Your correspondence should look professional. Having your letterhead and envelopes printed by a local Tampa print shop can help ensure your branding is clear and that your correspondence is printed on quality paper. Make sure you always have enough letterhead on hand to keep up with your correspondence and order it regularly. Also, if you undergo a logo change or a branding facelift, be sure to order new letterhead and envelopes to match!


Make accounting easier with printed checks. If your company needs to mail out checks, have them professionally printed in a style that suits your needs. Whether you like to write out your checks or print them through your accounting software, Printing Depot has a style that will work for you.

Advertising Specialties

Want to hand out pens, magnets, or other branded goods? Make sure your company is remembered with our advertising specialties!

Carbonless Forms

No more messy carbon forms! If your office needs to create triplicate receipts, invoices, or quotes when on-site, be sure to get stocked up on custom-printed carbonless forms to make everyone’s job easier. Your carbonless forms should include your brand logo, name, and address so clients and potential clients know how to get a hold of you.

Whatever your printing needs, your local Tampa print shop can help. Printing Depot has a skilled staff that includes graphic designers. We can help you customize your printed materials or you can choose to do it all yourself — whichever you prefer! Our goal is to provide excellent service and top-notch printed materials that reflect well on your business. To learn more about our print offerings or to submit an order, visit our website.