Yes, You Can Take it Home With You

Keeping your company name on people’s minds can be difficult. There’s a lot of competition for attention and consumers are constantly being bombarded with information, from billboards and direct mail campaigns to email newsletters and magazine ads. How can you compete?

Depending on your niche, handing out advertising specialties like magnets, pens, and mugs can help keep you top of mind when your client needs you. Let’s say your run a local extermination company that services both commercial and residential clients, for example. Giving your clients magnets provides them with a handy way to keep your information available. Whether they stick it on their home fridge or on the file cabinet in the office, it provides a reminder that you’re always available when they need you.

Here are some other ways you can incorporate promotional handouts in your business.

The Office Setting

If you have an office where people are often in the waiting room, consider having pens or magnets on hand. Magnets can function as appointment cards or can help remind clients to schedule future appointments. For those who have clients filling out forms in their waiting rooms or office, consider having branded pens available. And when they ask, “Can I keep this?” You can happily answer, “Of course.”

If you are a computer repair shop with a drop off location, you may consider having some mousepads available to your customers so they can quickly find your information when they need you. Since you control the design, you can make it as elegant or as fun as you want.

At the Trade Show

Depending on the type of trade show, consider having some branded magnets, keychains, water bottles, or even totes on hand. The latter are especially useful at shows where everyone is handing things out. Not only does it prove helpful to your potential clients, but tote bags are often saved because of their utility. The same goes for water bottles, which are perfect for outdoor events.

Other popular trade show items include magnets, letter openers, and can coozies. We recommend steering clear of breakables like mugs at a trade show since people are often lugging things around for hours.

Hosting an Event?

If your organization is hosting an event, consider giving participants items such as baseball caps or tee shirts. These are also nice giveaways for employees who work hard to pull your event together. Advertising specialties can also serve as prizes for competitions or games and encourage participation.

When choosing what giveaways you’d like to brand, consider whether the item is appropriate for your business. You’ll want to select a quality item that can be related to your brand. Your company information should be displayed in an easy to read font and your logo should be recognizable. If you’re not sure what exactly you’d like to print on your advertising specialty, we’d be happy to help. As a local Tampa commercial printer, we offer numerous services to businesses in need of branded items and promotional materials — including graphic design.

If you’d like to learn more about our advertising specialties, give us a call. We’d be happy to explain the process and help you put your logo on keychains, baseball caps, golf balls, and more!

Have an idea for a different branded item? Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll tell you whether we can do it. We’re always open to suggestion and looking to serve our clients better.