Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors: Demand for Security and Responsiveness

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P. focuses on niche investment opportunities. With over 30 years of experience managing equity growth and more than $25.5 billion in assets under management, the firm services investors, family offices, high net worth, and retail clients through their nine, U.S. offices and their team of 300 professionals

The team at Kayne Anderson has built their reputation on delivering above average returns while managing risk exposure through investments in targeted niche markets. To continue improving the service provided to their clients, the Kayne Anderson team reached-out to RadialSpark.

Catering to a Special Group

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors caters to high net worth individuals. By their very nature, this group has high expectations when it comes to service and information availability. When combined with Kayne Anderson’s investment philosophy, this demand required large amounts of data to be filtered quickly, accurately, and securely for presentation on-demand to their clients.

The investment portfolio for each of their clients is unique and may contain several different individual investments. Each of these investments brings a distinct data set that is continually changing and must be validated and confirmed prior to being made available to the client. In this case, accuracy, timeliness, and security were a must.

Kayne Anderson was using a customer portal to provide data to clients. However, the portal was slow to update and could not provide the speed of service the firm needed to deliver superior service to their clients.

Data First

The RadialSpark team evaluated the existing customer portal and data model. During this evaluation, the team discovered that the current data model was pulling information from several different sources. Not only was this hindering real-time updates it was also opening the door for errors in the data.

Duplication of data fields, especially across disparate systems, makes it possible for discrepancies in data. When a system is polled for information, these discrepancies must be resolved before the data can be published to the client.

“Rule №1 : Never lose money. Rule №2 : Never forget Rule №1.” ~ Warren Buffett

The RadialSpark team consolidated Kayne Anderson’s data model to ensure accurate and precise data. This change made it possible to implement uniform maintenance within the firm and decreased the validation and review burden on the firm’s resources.

With the data model ready, the RadialSpark team built-out and enhanced the existing Salesforce customer portal. Leveraging a combination of standard Salesforce tools and JavaScript to aggregate large amounts of data, the portal allows each client to view high-level summaries of their investment portfolio. Within the high-level view, investments can be filtered by one of ten to fifteen classes and by the investment’s holding company.

The portal allows clients to drill-down into the details of each asset to view related correspondence and gauge the performance of their portfolio as a whole. The enhanced customer portal is a one-stop-shop for all data related to each client’s investments and is continually updated with data that is validated according to Kayne Anderson’s standards.

To ensure the highest levels of security, the digital financial data of Kayne Anderson clients is available only through the new customer portal. Clients receive notification, via email, when new correspondence is available for review and then log into the secure portal to view the information. Navigation within the portal is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that Kayne Anderson’s exemplary standards for client service are reflected.

The information available in the portal is updated as close to real-time as possible and navigation has significantly improved, driving increased user adoption. As a result, the Kayne Anderson team is spending less time fielding inquiries from clients. The streamlined data model has reduced errors, improved reporting accuracy, and reduced the data maintenance burden.

Since the portal was built to match Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors’ style guide, their clients are presented with a consistent brand image that reflects the professionalism and quality that are the hallmarks of the firm’s dedication to superior client service.

Developing a solution that meets the regulatory demands of your industry while satisfying the high expectations of your most valuable clients can be a challenge, especially in the financial services industry. The team at RadialSpark has the knowledge and experience required to ensure the best possible solutions for your business.

Michael Rockford, CEO and Founder of Radialspark, a registered Salesforce partner and leader in custom software development and implementations.
Originally published on www.radialspark.com