Spark SC Applications: How we choose our Members

Spark SC
Spark SC
Sep 5 · 4 min read

Our application closes on September 7th at 11:59PM. We wrote this roadmap to help applicants understand how we choose our members!

We are a community for students from all backgrounds who come together over our mission to inspire a culture of innovation, expose students to their creative potential, and connect makers across diverse communities.

Application Process

🌟 Applications Open

  • Our application consists of short response questions. Your answers help us understand who you are, what you’re interested in, and how you relate to our mission. You can find our application on our website!

🎪 Involvement Fairs

  • We have a table at the General, Marshall, and Viterbi involvement fairs. Come say hi and sign up in our interest form!

👋 Info Sessions

  • Chat with us about Spark SC and hear stories illustrating what we do, what we’ve done, and how we envision the future of USC.
  • We will have info sessions at Wednesday, 8/28 8PM and Thursday, 9/5 8PM.

⌛️ Applications Close

  • Applications close Sept 7th at 11:59PM.
  • Two Spark SC Board members will be reading your application.
  • We anonymize all data to eliminate biases.

🌱 Individual Interviews

  • Interviews help us get to know our applicants as people. Interviewees chat with two Spark SC members and get a chance to ask individual questions.

🧩 Group Interviews

  • We conduct a teamwork activity for our second round of interviews. Participating applicants use this opportunity to showcase their ability to think critically and work with others.


We recruit people of all backgrounds who are optimistic, creative, thoughtful, and ambitious. We specifically look for alignment of mission and cultural fit.

We require no experience and do not recruit for skills or majors. Spark SC is dedicated to have diverse educational backgrounds within every future Sparklet cohort.

All majors from Spark board members

Spark SC’s Board members study a diverse range of disciplines; this graphic represents our current majors.

Our Criteria


  • Do you demonstrate belief in your ability to pursue your vision or ideas?


  • Do you have genuine drive and follow through for your passions?


  • Do you approach situations with unique and interesting perspective?

Mission Fit

  • Do you align with our mission and values?

Our Process

  1. At Spark SC, each application is read two separate times by two different board members that do not know the identity of the applicant. All members read applications and we normalize scores.
  2. Deliberations are done with the whole Spark board after Individual and Group Interviews.
Past initiatives from Spark

Although there are more applicants than we can accept per semester without losing focus on our mission, you can still get involved!

  • Chat at a fireside chat at Founders nights
  • Get an internship at Startup Career Fair (happening Thursday Oct 24th!)
  • Learn at a fast paced startup as a fellow in Tech.LA
  • Mentor under deserved high school students at Project Launch
  • Empower female students at Power Up
  • and many more initiatives!

— Spark SC ✨

Join us!

Spark SC

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Spark SC

Student Innovation at @USC.

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