The Overburdened Child

aby Ananya (name changed), 6 years old, was brought to my clinic with the main complaint that she does not want to go to school. More specifically, she does not want to attend her school, but wants to attend her cousin Gaurav’s (name changed) school. The indignant mother found the child’s complaint ridiculous, because Ananya had been admitted to one of the prestigious schools in the city, probably after paying a hefty donation; while Gaurav’s school was a new, relatively unheard of ‘Montessori’ school, the name of which cannot be mentioned in the same breath as that of the former. The reason given by the child was that Gaurav has so much time to play, while she hardly even gets to go outside. All her waking hours were occupied by school, tuitions, and homework, leaving little time for anything else, while at the same time she could see her cousin playing outside most of the time! I was moved by the innocent child’s attempt to convey her frustrations to her un-understanding parents, and decided to throw some light on this increasingly common problem. (Dr. Naveen Kini)

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