Managing an Agency Business

How many agencies do you think there are in the Boston area? There are literally hundreds! From small creative firms to large advertising agencies with operations in multiple locations across the globe, the topics that surround the management of an agency business are top of mind for those who are founders, owners or managers within these organizations.

With this in mind, I recently had the opportunity to spend some time speaking with Ross Beyeler, founder of Growth Spark, a thriving e-commerce consultancy in Boston. Ross is also the founder of the MAB — Managing an Agency Business — event series. WhatArmy is proud to be a partner of MAB because it’s really the only group of its kind. Read on to learn why MAB is such a critical resource for agencies.

Chris: Why did you found MAB and what is your mission?

Ross: When I founded Growth Spark back in 2010, we were out there plugging away on projects and were fortunate to partner with some other great agencies. Through these interactions, it was clear that we faced many of the same challenges and experiences; we were sharing our war stories and discussing solutions to problems. I started recognizing that collectively, this group — agency leaders in the Boston area — was missing out on an even bigger opportunity to establish mutually beneficial connections with other agencies and to continue to educate ourselves as we go about the business of driving successful agency businesses.

So in 2012, I pitched the idea of MAB to a number of agency teams and we had an amazing 3–4 hour session with about 20 people during which we discussed our challenges in a larger forum and shared some interesting and creative solutions.

MAB has just continued to grow from there; we are soon going to host our 10th event, MAB 10 Technology and Your Agency. During these events that are hosted by Boston-area agencies, we focus on specific topics such as:

  • Operations in an Agency
  • Building Agency Culture
  • Agency Legal & Finance
  • Marketing Your Agency

During these lively, interactive sessions, we discuss how we’re dealing with these challenges, strategies for improvement and what the results have looked like. It is our goal to have agency management walk away with new ideas to ongoing issues that will help them run their agencies better and support their customers more effectively. It also opens the door to new partnerships and project collaboration.

Chris: What’s ahead for MAB for the remainder of this year and into 2016?

Ross: We are looking forward to our upcoming event, MAB 10 Technology and Your Agency, that will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd at 6:00pm at Mad*Pow Headquarters. This is a very hot topic where agency leaders will take part in a panel discussion focused on issues like:

  • Staying on top of emerging technologies
  • Selecting the right platforms for client projects
  • Integration of platforms
  • Managing legacy technology while trying to modernize

The key to MAB’s success is that it’s not just another networking event but rather an intimate gathering of peers looking to share their trials and tribulations in building successful agency businesses, as well their creative solutions to these issues. We continuously strive to address the topics that are of the greatest concern for this group and look forward to continuing this mission in 2016 and for many years to come!

For more information about MAB and to attend their upcoming events, visit

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