GoWithMi Monthly Report | The Tenth Issue (2019.3.15~2019.4.15)

To all of our friends who follow closely on GoWithMi:

Thanks for every G fans for your long-term support!

There have been three significant events happened in Indonesia this month: First, more and more blockchain projects have identified the fat meat of Southeast Asia, rushing into Indonesia, and their first stop is to visite GoWithMi Indonesia branch company. Second, the Indonesian presidential election is in full swing. The Grab drivers and Gojek drivers in our Facebook group are in full swing to canvass for the candidates they support. Third, the higher is ~~ Indonesia has also entered the Internet e-commerce and O2O melee, flashing behind with similar figures such as Tencent, Alibaba, and other “fathers”~~ This is exactly the same as the weather in Southeast Asia in April: burning with ardor!

This month, our CTO has brought us a lot of excellent materials, there are some that can be said and can’t be said~ please allow me to tell them pleasantly to you.

Development Progress:

Gaia main chain development progress:

GoWithMi main chain Gaia is the underlying platform network of all businesses operations. From the development point of view, it is mainly divided into two major modules: 1. Gaia underlying core: technical breakthrough of the issue of storing full data on the chain, such as automatic data production, whole network synchronization, etc. 2. Gaia on-chain service: Provides travel-related services based on the underlying core, from standard travel services to exclusive O2O functions.

1.Gaia underlying core:

① Storing full data on the chain core design — — GeoMesh technology prototype has passed POC test, 828K size data can provide map display and path planning services within 3.6X2.4 square kilometers.

② Automatic compilation core technology — — high-level road network self-adaptive compilation enters the performance test phase; currently, it takes only 68 seconds to generate a strong connected high-level road network in Southeast Asia’s 1,888,583 km road network.

2. Gaia on-chain service:

① Point of Interest (POI) module 1.0 completed development to support the point of interest search of 527,575 place names in Indonesia, which is 10 times that of OSM (Open Street Map).

② Path planning and guiding module 1.0 completed development and is being tested within a total area of 47,266 square kilometers in Jakarta, Indonesia and adjacent regions.

③ The first phase of indoor map technology completed development and has covered 922,303 square meters of data.

④ Path planning and guiding module 1.1 development have been completed 80%, cooperate with the “high-level road network automatic compilation function” can provide mainland-level cross-country path calculation.

GoWithMi self-organizing community operations carrier progress:

Travel service function module:
See the Gaia on-chain service above for details.

Distributed O2O function module:
1. Wallet multi-currency expand function completed development.
2. Digital twin car body advertising is developing.
3. Stores O2O function platform enters the development phase.
4. Stores independent ICO module enters the design phase.

Digital land rights function module:
1. The GoZone management platform enters the design phase and the demo has been completed.
2. GoZone participation rules and transaction structure enter the design phase.

dApp beta version iteration progress:

The Android version has been iteratively launched 16 versions, and the IOS version has been iteratively launched 6 versions.

Version iteration:
1. Android v1.1.2 version completed development.
2. The IOS v1.1.0 version has entered the end phase of development.

Function iteration:
dApp now has integrated into two modules, the travel service module, and the token economy module.

1. Travel service module:
Integrated into travel service module, including map display, road status display and reporting, data collection and other functions. Recently, the travel service module will also add features such as place name search, route calculation, and route guidance.

2. Token economy module:
Integrated into the token economy module, including wallet, map treasure hunt, collecting coins on the way, one coin purchase and other functions. Core feature GoZone will launch soon. GoZone will add features after launching such as distributed commercial publishing including digital twin car body advertisement publishing and building advertisement.

Product Activity Progress:

Unbelievable, earning 0.13 ETH a day!

This treasure hunt activity has gained even more! I have already
thrown myself down at treasure hunt champions in admiration. In this activity, the highest record of treasure hunt in a single day has reached 0.13 ETH!

Since this activity is a joint effort between China and Indonesia, many Indonesian local G fans are amazed by the Chinese people (because many of them have no way to get it). In particular, the treasure hunt champion has accumulated a total of 0.98 ETHs in 7 days, which equivalent to more than 1,000 yuan! And he did not spend more than15 minutes a day, this treasure gain is way too easy!

Tips: There was an episode in this activity:

Some G fans are adorable~There are G fans responded they have seen the coins being robbed by the users “everyone” and “snails”, then they fell into deep self-doubt… may I ask users “everyone” and “snail” to comment at our official account? I want to interview these treasure hunt talents~

PS: The programmer said: “I want to create a new account, and change the user name to ‘I’” The screen will become…

Business Progress:

1. GoWithMi wins the 2018 Best Blockchain Technology Breakthrough Project in POW’ER China Blockchain Contributors Annual Summit

On March 28th, at the annual summit of POW’ER China Blockchain Contributors held in Chongqing, China, GoWithMi received Mars Finance officially awarded heavyweight special award — 2018 Best Blockchain Technology Breakthrough Project. GoWithMi is the first global distributed map platform supporting multi-chain, including original decentralized map data production, decentralized map services, and spatial digital real estate. The goal is to collaborate with global users to create a new generation chain network infrastructure that combines low-cost, high-precision, real-time coverage, and 3D reality. It is committed to providing a spatial middleware operating system for real-world business expansion for all public chains, fully supporting the distributed reconstructions of smart travel, advertising, O2O, sharing economy, high-precision maps, etc., leading into a new era of distributed business.

2. GoWithMi co-founder & CTO Simon Ren was invited to attend the 2019 Indonesia Blockchain Summit

On April 1st, GoWithMi co-founder & CTO was invited by Huobi Indonesian and Bgogo exchanges to participate in the 2019 Indonesia Blockchain Summit.

3. 2019 Indonesia Blockchain Summit Guests Visited GoWithMi Indonesia Branch Company

On April 2nd, guests from the Indonesia Blockchain Summit visited GoWithMi Indonesia branch company and received warm receptions from the GoWithMi Indonesia team.

The visit was organized by Jinse Finance, the visiting guests included: PreAngel Leo Wang (also an investor of GoWithMi), Jinse Finance Partner Tong Yang, ColdLar COO Yu Zhang, and the Cointime team, etc.

4. Hongcai Guo wants to enter the Southeast Asian market, visits GoWithMi

On April 4th, Hongcai Guo field studied Southeast Asia and visited GoWithMi Indonesia branch company. Both parties had an in-depth exchange on the development of the Indonesian market and the enlightenment of the Indonesian blockchain concept.

Community Progress:

1. Indonesian community:
After half a year of overall construction, Indonesia has a total of 225,754 Grab drivers and 2,565 Gojek drivers joining our community. Among them, the Gojek community accounts for about 0.22% of all Indonesian Gojek drivers, while the Grab community accounts for 22% of all Indonesian Grab drivers. In other words, one out of every five Grab drivers in Indonesia is a member of our community!

Indonesia’s dAPP downloads volume reaches 1.2 million, daily active users reached 20,000+, and 50 WhatsApp groups have been created.

2. Chinese community:
In the past 30 days, GoWithMi officially published 6 articles and newsletters. The Chinese community includes more than 10 channels including WeChat Group, Telegraph Group, Coin Express, Coin World, and WeChat Official Account. At present, the number of fans has reached 50,000+.

3. English community:
a. Facebook’s overseas fans page has received 1008 likes in the past 28 days, an increase of 2624% compare to the previous month. At the same time, Facebook attracted 1014 new followers this month, a rise of 2641% compared to the last month.

b. Twitter community has attracted 462 new followers in the past 10 days. A total of 600–700 new followers over the past 28 days.

c. The status of the Telegram community has been steady and climbing. At present, there are 1907 members in the English telegraph group.

d. Bitcointalk Bounty Campaign is currently in the process of preparing for the distribution of tokens.

Google Maps recently announced big news: to embed ads on the map and to start the map cash printing machine. However, Google Maps has made a lot of mistakes in Indonesia, and even Indonesian local drivers have been strongly dissatisfied with it:

Map service to generate money is an attracting business that can’t hide one’s greed. However, from the imbalance of global map quality performance of Google Map, especially in the emerging countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, this “map cash printing machine” may not be able to launch. First, Google Maps POI data coverage is relatively low, resulting in ungelivable map services; Second, Google Maps is still blocking the “mutual benefit” of the new era with the old self-profit model.

The GoWithMi distributed map acts otherwise. First, GoWithMi’s POI coverage in Jakarta has already exploded Indonesian Google Maps! 2~3 times higher; Secondly, GoWithMi’s “mutual profit model” conforms to the trend of the new era, pursues everyone contributes, and everyone benefits, and is welcomed by Indonesian local network car drivers, because they also became Mapper while driving, sharing the contribution of traffic data while working and earning double money! GoWithMi in less than a year, its Jakarta data can completely blast Google Maps, relying on mutual profits with Mapper to completely subvert the self-interest model of the giants.

Self-interest and mutual profit, the two models stand up. In “GoWithMi Genesis Group 1”, our friends cannot help but complain about the self-interested mode of Google Maps.

GoWithMi will continue to devote to the Southeast Asian market and leave Google far behind.