A 13-Year-Old's View on Social Media

I read a lot on medium and last week I came across this article A Teenager’s View on Social Media. Although it provided some insight into our(teenagers) world, it was written by a 19-year-old, someone who to me is an adult. Here is social media from mine and my friends eyes.


Instagram is HUGE in middle school. This may sound funny but for some people, who you follow and how many followers you have dictate school relationships. Although most people only have 2 or 3 pictures on Instagram they go on Instagram every day just to check how many followers they gained. Not liking a picture your friends put up is the highest of insults. At the end of the day Instagram is like your passport in middle school.

P.S. No one knows or will believe that Instagram is owned by Facebook!


Most adults haven’t even heard of Kik but it’s the most used social media platform by FAR. Kik is the messaging platform. I’ve seen a lot of tech reporters talk about how teenagers use Snapchat, WhatsApp and a number of other messaging platforms but most teens my age haven’t even heard about those. Kik has a special feel to it. It feels like it was made for us, and us only.


Twitter is seen as Instagram with no pictures. Barely anyone gets it and those that do think its just for adults and that its a copy of Instagram. However there is usually a core group of kids at school who get and use Twitter religiously (i’m one of them).


Most teens have a love-hate relationship with YouTube either they have a channel themselves and subscribe to another 30 or they don’t use it at all. A lot of kids have a YouTube channel of their own with a few dozen videos. Each day they check their analytics to see maybe they suddenly jumped from tens of views to millions. YouTube is also one of the most influential networks “YouTubers” are like celebrities and many teens aspire to one day become one.

For clarification these are my views and my perception of my peers views.