Do 13-Year-Old‘s Even Know What Facebook, Google+, Snapchat, Vine and Twitch are?

I recently wrote “A 13-year-olds View on Social Media” and I was OVERWHELMED by the positive feedback. I quadrupled my Twitter followers, my article was the top story on medium and all in all people seemed to enjoy the article!

But what kept coming up was a 13-year-old’s view on Facebook, Google+, Snapchat, etc.

So without further ado a review of Facebook, Google+, Vine, Twitch and Snapchat from a 13-year-olds view!


Facebook is seen as a way for old people to connect with other old people that they haven’t seen for decades. To be completely honest there is no use case for teens my age. The only time anyone used Facebook was when FarmVille and Zynga were still a thing. Like I mentioned in my last article no one knows Instagram is owned by Facebook (probably a good thing for Facebook).


Now Google+ is in an interesting situation. Everyone has an account because they use other Google products but most people hate Google+. Meanwhile there is a hardcore group of users who live on Google+, they check it every day and share everything that’s happened to them. They have a very tight community between each other and also stand by each other in common arguments of which social media site is the best.


Background info: Vine is a video sharing platform that limits users to 6 second videos.

Vine is a fairly new social media app so not many people use it, which also means most people haven’t made up their minds on whether they like it or not. Although very few people use it, most people have seen a Vine on Instagram, Twitter, Kik or a number of other ways people share vines. Currently making a vine seems intimidating but I think as Vine becomes more popular we will see teens starting to post vines regularly.


Snapchat is seen as a cool app but most people can’t find a use case for it. Many people get it just to see what it is, and many feel like it could be a very useful app but at the end of the day if none of your friends use the BEST social app there is no point to use it. Snapchat’s demographic is the 15–25 year old range so I think that’s when teens start to use it.


Background info: Twitch is a platform for people to watch gamers play games live!

I would say 40% of teens who watch YouTube, watch gaming videos. Many gaming youtubers also have Twtich channels so their subscriber’s also watch their live streams. The majority of people who watch Twitch watch their favourite youtubers streams and rarely comment.

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