World First Development Blockchain Platform Kicks Off at Paris Peace Forum

4 min readNov 25, 2019


Moment from opening ceremony of the Paris Peace Forum

Two years since its inception and presentation at the World Government Summit in Dubai, the first development platform relying on digital-first blockchain technology as its backbone GoalHUB was officially introduced at Paris Peace Forum (PPF).

Once more PPF proved to be an important encounter for peacebuilders and development professionals from around the world with the participation of delegations from 140 countries, including 33 head of states, 7000 participants, 114 presented projects, and vibrant 80 panels.

CEO Andrius Becys presenting

“I am happy to introduce GoalHUB, as a tool that aims at strengthening the NGO ecosystem. We believe this platform will help to regain trust in international cooperation and empower sustainable development”, noted Andrius Bečys, the brain behind this innovative resource during the official launch of This platform come to fill the gap in financing transparency in the development sector and to serve as a hub for networking and finding the right partners at an international level. It also strives to foster the development of global initiatives, provide transparent fundraising, and use of collected funds, especially in the field of humanitarian aid where financing remains opaque and fragmented.

The architecture and feasibility of GoalHUB solution have been already tested at the international level during events such as the World Government Summit (2017, Dubai), the World Investment Forum (2018, Geneva) among others. Experts from more than 14 countries helped improve it, before seeing the light in 2019 thanks to the sponsorship of a private company.

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign affairs Linas Linkevicius and ambassador Nerijus Aleksiejūnas were both among the first visitors of the GoalHUB stand at the PPF. This is no coincidence, as the project is currently being coordinated from the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. This was also the opportunity to meet with representatives of other diplomatic missions and international institutions like the OECD and UNWTO, UN WOMEN, and others.

The launch of GoalHUB at PPF was an opportunity to test the reception of the project, further develop the tool, and create new partnerships for future cooperation. It was particularly insightful to exchange with Ambassador-at-Large for Digital Agenda Darius Gaidys, who pointed out that “Lithuania is playing an important role in the development of Blockchain technology worldwide. Still, there is a tremendous need for more practical implementation of this new growing technology. With new markets come new possibilities, and it is great that people from different sectors can collaborate and create real cooperation opportunities”.

“As for the blockchain technical solution of GoalHUB we have decided to rely on NEM Catapult. NEM Catapult is a full-featured blockchain engine that can power both private and public networks, it comes with out-of-the-box features such as Aggregated Transactions and Multi-Level Multisignature Accounts, token (mosaic) restrictions, metadata and more that empowers developers to implement even the most complicated business cases” says Andrius Bartminas technical lead of GoalHUB and CEO of Super How? — innovation and development company, focusing on blockchain and artificial intelligence is a technology partner of GoalHUB, supporting the project and delivering the technical solution.

So what next?

In the Paris Peace Forum, GoalHUB was represented by its project lead Andrius Becys, technical lead Andrius Bartminas, and regional coordinator for Africa Henry Oriokot. This created a unique opportunity to tackle different topics with people visiting the stand. GoalHUB is also thrilled to announce the start of collaborations to implementation its 1st pilot project in Africa.

12th of November became officially the birthday of the GoalHUBs platform. From now on, the primary attention of the platform will go towards making the platform more user-friendly. Next year, new tools will be launched aiming to help NGOs find the right partners and to coordinate international projects in a faster and smoother way. More to follow on 2020, as it will be the year where the organization will host its first online Hackathon focusing on blockchain-based crowdfunding solutions for Civil Society initiatives.

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