Research a Social Issue and Formulate Strategies: Compulsive Texting

Aligned to standards RI.8.2: Determine a central idea of a text, W.8.1: Write arguments to support claims, RI.8.1: Evidence in informational text

Study shows addiction to texting may correlate with subpar academic performance among teenage girls whereas teenage boys are not affected in the same way. Compulsive texting has an undeniable impact on adolescent development emotionally, socially and academically. How can we help teenagers develop awareness and regain self-control?

In this engaging project plan, students hone their research and argumentation skills to investigate the effects of compulsive texting. This project plan was designed to be rigorous and aligned to state standards.

The complete project plan is available here for download in Word or PDF format.

Here’s an overview of activities you’ll find in the project plan:

  • Students will read and closely analyze non-fiction articles about compulsive texting and take notes using differentiated graphic organizers.
  • For the final writing project, students will create a BuzzFeed List about ways to identify texting addiction and strategies to alleviate the problem.

The detailed project plan/packet on Goalbook includes:

Get Hooked on the Topic — Are we addicted? Students take a quiz to see if they’re addicted texting.

Differentiated Graphic Organizers — Students research articles on texting addiction and take notes using the graphic organizer as a guide

Writing Template — Students will put together a BuzzFeed list that includes signs of texting addiction and strategies to overcome the addiction

The complete project plan is available here for download in Word or PDF format.
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