Changing Something in Your Life

Most people have dreams and desires but have no idea how to achieve their dreams. The reason they don’t know how to change something major in their life is because they’ve never been taught how to set and achieve a goal.

I know, everyone says they have goals, and they have them on their daily planner or their smartphone, and they’re achieving these goals on a daily or weekly basis.

However, these are not really goals. They are actually nothing more than a “to-do” list of things they have to do in the next day, next week, or next month.

I’m talking about goals that have something to do with major changes in your life. Let’s say a career, college education, starting a business, etc.. Major goals involve a sizable change to something in your life, and cannot be put on someone’s “to-do” list or daily planner.

There’s a definite process that must be executed in order to set and achieve any major goal. You must first set the right goal, develop a strategic plan, and then add a tactical plan. Without utilizing each of these processes, your goal will probably fail.

The reason most goals fail is because they run into obstacles along the way, and the goal that’s not set using the above tools has no way of getting around the obstacle.