The Charlie Sheen Spin Machine: A Feminist Perspective & Disappointed by the Otherwise Allied LGBT Community.

The HIV+ community has precious little political capital. I’m shocked and disappointed that they would squander it on a irresponsible, narcissistic misogynist. Below is a link to a statement by Danny Pintauro, a child actor who recently came out of retirement to discuss his sexual orientation and HIV+ status. And now, to defend Charlie Sheen. How unfortunate.

To Pintauro’s argument that Sheen is informing the public that even straight men can get HIV, ignores the fact a crew of men have come forward to say that they had sex with him, and very recently.

As to Sheen’s “honest, humble” interview, Pintauro simply does not address the fact that several of his partners have come forward to say that he did not tell them about his diagnosis, in direct contradiction to what Sheen said in his interview. Not very honest to me. At least, it puts Sheen’s honesty up for debate.

As to his statement regarding the fact that Sheen is, according to Sheen, taking anti-virals and thus can’t pass HIV on to his unsuspecting partners, he states that “Everyone needs to remember what ‘undetectable’ means, and if Charlie truthfully got on medications immediately after he found out, then he was already taking that step to protect his sexual partners.” Even if he’s taking anti-virals, Sheen is hardly a poster child for responsible HIV management, as one partner discovered Sheen’s status in the after a “12 hour sex and drug orgy” during which time he asked her to go get him his “HIV pills.” Used properly, they probably do limit your ability to pass on the virus — but in the hands of a drug-addled lunatic, who knows.

As for Pintauro’s immediately following statement, that taking anti-virals “should be tantamount to whether he told them in any situation” that is offensive, patronizing to his partners, and untrue. Nothing is a substitute for informed consent. Emphasis on informed. You tell your partners everything they need to know, so that they can make an informed decision about whether and what type of sex to have with you. Full stop.

I guess Pintauro had no spin for the fact Sheen failed to contact any of his immediate past partners, after his diagnosis — which any reputable Clinic, including those run by the LGBT community, will strongly encourage you to do. He told his ex-wife, from 2005, but not his ex-girlfriend, from 2 weeks prior. I guess, “well, porn stars aren’t real people, not like celebrities like me, Sheen, and Denise Richards so WTF cares” wouldn’t read well in People Mag.