That is factually wrong and stupid
Kady M.

How old are you? Because you seem to be stuck in the politics of old. Thinking that Americans are the exact same now as they are in the 80s? What a joke.

Yes, Bernie would win those voters who voted for Obama and went to Trump back over. Ever even watch CNN go ask some of those voters why? BECAUSE TRUMP PROMISED TO PROTECT THEIR JOBS AND BRING NEW JOBS IN! Hillary did none of that. Hell, she didn’t even step into the Rust Belt in the midwest to talk to those workers. Bernie, however, has been. Do you ignore the town hall where a Trump voter even thanked Bernie for doing more for his welfare/life/job than even his own Senator? Did you ignore the entire room of Trump voters clapping/cheering Bernie’s plans?

Ya, he’d win, easily. But too many Dem tribalists who are Hill Bots seem to not want to accept the reality.

And yes, Joe Manchin would likely lose to Trump as well. Keep being a Dem shitting on the progressive base and then sticking to old Reagan-era politics when things have changed. The corporate greed has run amuck and the people have seen it.

We don’t want any more corporate corruption. Even Republicans will agree (other than a few really old Boomer/Silent Generation fools that won’t escape their propagandized programming)

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