If you see two libertarians having coffee, there are three different definitions of libertarianism…
Kady M.

I actually definitely agree with the idea of fixing the Supreme Court. I hate that it’s a life time nomination. I’ve also considered the idea that the ones who nominate and vote on the Supreme Court justices would be the justices around the nation. Instead of Congress and the President. They seem to have turned it too much into a political game that has abused our system. And it would indirectly tie it to the people as many justices/judges in the states are voted on by the people. I’d also like to see a means for the people to issue a recall vote (of sorts) of a sitting justice.

And yes, the Tea Party had ideals that seemed good, but they failed because they had actually started off by money interests and were corrupted way early on. That’s where they failed.

Btw, that’s a bit of a false dichotomy, just because I lose trust in Government doesn’t mean I put trust into corporations and the free market.

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