And you are I’ll informed and arrogant.
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Right wing sources eh take a look at these “RIGHT WING” sources

No one should vote for Hillary even if in a swing state. At least if you’re a principled progressive.

I don’t engage in fear based voting. I don’t engage in slippery slope fallacies. I won’t vote for Hillary. I don’t vote for a candidate that:

- Supported the Iraq War
- Pushed Obama into Libya (what he says is his biggest mistake)
- Pushed military action for Syria (and wants a no fly zone)
- Pushes for military action against Iran (or at least the option, gee, very Republican eh?)
- Supported the TPP (her state department helped write it and she lobbied for it 45 times!)
- Supported NAFTA
- Supported/lobbied for the Omnibus Crime bill for the tough on crime part (not for the violence against women part or the assault rifle ban)
- Flip flops on gay marriage
- flip flops on guns
- Engages in dirty politics to “artfully smear” her opponents (Bernie Bros and Obama Boys and using kennedy assassination or Sandy Hook against her opponents)
- Sold weapons to nations around the world like pretending to be anti-weapon (btw, one of those weapon manufacturers she helped sell weapons for was the same one that created the assault rifle used in Sandy Hook)
- Pushed fracking around the world (Climate change advocate? ya right)

I can go on and on. There are so many negatives of Hillary. I will never support her as my vote is earned, not given.

But I could actually argue there is reason that Trump would be better (I do so love to argue too :D)

Thanks to Paul Ryan and other conservatives outbursts of late, my argument is even stronger.

Trump gets elected, what happens? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why? Congress HATES him. They utterly hate him. And as much as people like to pretend the Presidency is a “powerful position” (it’s not without power, but they conflate it with more power than it has), without congress, there’s little to no power. So what happens? Congress and Trump fight each other for 2–4 years and that weakens the GOP grip on congress as 2018 more voters come out and flip the house and 2020 we can get a real progressive to run and win.

Hell, there’s a good chance Congress will work to impeach Trump. Both GOP and Dems will work together on this. So ultimately, a Trump presidency means nothing happens.

Now, let’s look at Hillary. Hillary is hated by the GOP, yes, openly, but in private? There’s a lot they agree on.

* Hillary is a war hawk ( ) and she’s openly been for war with Iran ( ). So there ya go, GOP and Hillary agree and war with Iran seems even more likely.
* Hillary is for the same kinda trade deals the GOP are for ( ). She might be saying in the primary that she’s against the TPP, but she lobbied for it FORTY FIVE TIMES! Her state department helped create what it is today. Words are like the wind. Easily ever changing and meaningless without action to back it up. And, quite frankly, Hillary’s actions on trade show opposite of what her words do.
* Hillary is for the same deregulations the GOP are for ( ). We’re going to see even more deregulations toward wall street and corporations because she, like the GOP, are bought off by the same buyers.
* Hillary is all for tax avoidance/tax havens ( and ), the same kinda thing the GOP love.
* Hillary has pushed and is for fracking ( ) as are the GOP.
* Hillary will work with the GOP and corporate dems to kill Net Neutrality ( ). While Trump talks against it, he won’t care to do anything. But the internet has almost screwed Hillary outta her crown (still might). She will do anything to neuter that in the 2020 election.

So, ya, I could go on with more points (her flip flopping on various issues like guns, immigration, gay marriage, etc) and I could make the case that a Trump presidency would be “better” than Clinton. I could see way more corporatism under Clinton than Trump where as with Trump I see the GOP imploding and the Dems/Progressives uniting against him.

Ultimately, as I stated my stance is “not voting for either of them, I’m writing in Bernie or voting third party”. I would be the same in a swing state. My vote is EARNED, not freely given because of the fear of the other or going with the “lesser of two evils”

And I haven’t even gotten to the point of how a faux progressive screws over the movement even more because it divides the movement. Divides it against the truly principled that can’t be conned vs those who like the ideals, but are conned because of cult of personality or some other issue. We see it right now with Obama and how he’s for the TPP, but the Dems won’t go against the TPP as their party platform because of it despite so many of the party not approving of it. The divide is going to weaken our chances of stopping the TPP.

Btw, Americans want an independent option

Finally, I won’t vote ANY Democrat other than Bernie and others like him, because I refuse to give the Democratic establishment any help. They don’t get a reward of MY vote after rigging all this going on.

And I can get even more sources to prove the election fraud if you want….

NO ONE who is principled should vote for Hillary or any establishment Democrat.

Oh look, many of them are considered “liberal media” and many of those sources ENDORSED Hillary Clinton…

Ya, go fuck yourself you ignorant Hill Bot :)

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