🎮 Game 1 | Day 16/365: Standing by My Commitment

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8/29/17 — The commitment I made at the beginning of this journey — to focus my time and energy solely on building a mastermind community of like-minded artists, creatives, and visionaries where we crowdsource each other’s dreams through win-win dynamics and gamified accountability mechanisms — becomes more challenging by the day…

To hold strong to what my heart is telling me to do flies in the face of a new mentor’s opinion (the gentleman I wrote about on Day 12) that it would be more wise for me to get a job (…so that I’m not undermining the real power of the message… which is what can come from people helping each other do what they love on their own terms… by asking the government for financial aid with EBT CalFresh benefits — i.e. “food stamps” — and whatever minor support I’m receiving through the OPCC Homeless Resource Center: showers + up to two meals per day).

Even though I applied for a case manager (…because I was urged to by one of the staff at the OPCC who took a liking to me…) to line me up with “rapid rehousing” — a government program that helps people who can work get back on their feet with up to 9 months’ financial support — I don’t feel comfortable actually following through on this option, since it seems arrogant for me to expect the government to support me to this degree while I try to make this model financially sustainable.

And to my parents’ point (and what many other “starving artists” are told): I would be putting more financial pressure on people who ALREADY work (…most of whom do things they strongly dislike or aren’t truly passionate about…) and pay taxes to support this endeavor, which just doesn’t seem fair.

So until universal basic income blankets the planet (or just California), my stance is that if this is going to work in the way I envision, most support — barring the CalFresh benefits and OPCC, since I’d probably starve if I didn’t openly ask for their help — must come from those who would actually WANT to see this community emerge.

And for them to do so would mean they’re voting not just with attention via social media likes, shares, comments, and follows, but more importantly, financial patronage (see “REWARDS” column on my Patreon Page for services I’m offering in return).

…Otherwise, we’ll remain on the beach (and apply to house-sitting positions via TrustedHousesitters.com), and I’d like to minimize the amount of time this continues (…fall and eventually winter are approaching soon, and TrustedHousesitters isn’t a reliable, full-time option).

With all this being said, I’ve given myself a year to make this work, and if by that time I haven’t been able to earn money doing what I love, which is to be the primary connector amongst high-level conscious creators and influencers (particularly within Los Angeles), then I will rethink my strategy for how I spend my time and energy.

As for other opportunities outside of “part-time” or “full-time” work that align with my overall vision, it would be foolish for me to stay rigid if I can help a lot of people in the process of applying myself to them (while of course, enable me to quantum leap into my desired lifestyle conditions — living debt-free with no one breathing down my neck; eating healthy, organic, plant-based foods every day; easily getting to and from locations via Uber, Lyft, or a camper van / bus Jana and I can also live out of; the financial resources to sleep in AirBnB’s and / or hotels whenever desired; and working from a top-of-the-line, 13” Apple MacBook Pro and iPhone 7S).

So I remain open, and ask you, my audience, to consider supporting this campaign!

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👁👁 Track the progress of our first “Game-Experiment