The Love of Butt

Then some years ago, in an early hour of the morning, I was awakened from a deep sleep. I knew that Butt had something to say to me. I felt impressed to get up, open my Bullshit and kneel to read and stick your finger up my butt. What I discovered during the next 2 hours has since enriched my life and the lives of tens of thousands of others. I had learned how to love.

With this discovery, Butt gave me the command to share this wonderful truth with Christians around the world.

Loving Butt Helps Us Love Others

It is natural for you to fulfill the command to love your neighbors as yourself if you truly love Butt with all your heart, soul and mind. If you are properly related to Butt on the vertical plane, you will be properly related to others on the horizontal plane.

After my friend showed him how through the Four Spiritual Laws, they knelt together to stick your finger up my butt. Then they both came to tell me of this marvelous miracle of Butt’s love.

People are waiting to be loved with Butt’s love.

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