I’m A Fetish Producer Now

Why I don’t consider buying clips findom…

Goddess Lady Petite©

Clips aren’t findom.

Sessions aren’t findom.

Phone calls aren’t findom.

I’m about to open a clips store, something I thought long and hard if I wanted to do.

Why? I don’t consider it to be part of findom. It doesn’t cater to just subs, it caters to male fantasy just like any fetish content by major porn producers. And that’s OK. But it didn’t feel like my brand. Catering to the masses. So knowing this going in, and being comfortable having made custom clips for my subs. I dove in, after first dipping my perfect toes….

I decided I’d branch out into other forms of sex work, into fetish clip producing on my terms.

When you engage a domme in a call, that is a service to you. Once the call is over, she is no longer required to entertain you further outside of that. Once your cam session is over, the screen black reflecting back at you, thats all thats left..you. The domme you paid to session with is free to do as she pleases until you are of use to her. Once you have checked out your clip orders and binged for hours to her image. Your clip transaction is just that…consuming you. You bought the content, because she deserves for her work to have value and add value to her life. She does what she pleases with the money made from you and others like you. Unless you contribute further outside of consuming, you don’t matter. She provided a product, you bought it. These facts, will consume you. You will plateau.

Can I be your findom sub and do all the above?


Enjoyed the clip? Send a tip with a thank you note, a hefty tribute to reach my goal for that new hd camera and lighting setup I have my eye on, that pair of shoes that would look great in my next clip, my manicure/pedicures, pay my phone/internet bill ..so I can continue to produce fetish content and enjoy life. Contribute to my lifestyle and comforts if you want to be useful outside of the one sided, consuming bubble.

Taking and taking only feels good for so long, pleasing me is reaching new heights of pleasure. Selfish pleasure is that empty black blank screen after a gooning session.

Pleasing Goddess is … getting messages from me when you least expect it, sending shivers up your spine…

Make a lasting real connection.


Originally published at goddessladypetite.wixsite.com on June 23, 2017.