June 23, 2017

The notion that women are to be had, owned, like any other object, is tired and old. Yet we allow this to continue being the expectation placed upon us from our formative years into adulthood. We cannot deny it affects us as a whole.

Co-dependency is what I see, a lot of women will deny it. That their relationships with men can become one sided, parasitic, or abusive. We have seen it a lot among women in our lives. They quickly give up their dreams to move into the life of a man who doesn’t support their RISE to queen status. He provides housing and money something they can take away at will if they are unhappy. I had a girlfriend who fell prey into such an abusive relationship, a ring-less proposal, haste co-habitation, only to be put out on the street by him at the end.

Is this the dream anyway? What is the dream you have for yourself? Outside of finding a life mate and procreating?

We are taught that the goal is the “white picket fence”, the doting husband, and children. That your life really begins when you are to spend a good chunk of your life cleaning, cooking, and rearing children. Let’s add on top of that, look effortless and sexy, and muster up the energy at the end of a long day to fuck your husband often enough so he’s happy in the marriage. Time for friends, for self care, and your own goals? Good luck!

You are basically held captive to a man and the sole decision to build a life together. If you don’t have the means to get out whenever you wish, you are in prison.

Don’t settle for mediocrity in a partner, parasitic men, don’t settle for being an object that can be tossed aside, or replaced. Instead of looking for the perfect man, or settling.. Make yourself into the woman YOU dream to be. Yes it’s hard to negate the “white picket fence” in the equation. Society places pressure on us based on our internal clocks to bring life into this world, a true gift, and testament of the power of women. But this is what we have been programmed to desire out of expectancy. Just look at how well it worked for men? Men are the majority in power, while their wives iron their clothes and prepare dinner. How well is that working out for society, the world at large?

Get yourself a life where you can do BOTH.

You don’t have to choose between a career and a love life. But you do have to choose YOU. Self LOVE is the greatest LOVE. In the end you only have you as your biggest motivator and cheerleader. If you were standing on the sidelines of your life, would you be proud?

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