The Ring of Fire

Findom Goddess Lady Petite

Every tribute of cash and gifts I see as an act of sacrifice, worship, and the adding to my Empire.

You are a mere object on my shelf, slave in a cage, an empty vessel for me to use. True entrapment, enslavement of the mind and body. You weakened by my power… relinquish great quantities of your own power. When you add value to my life, transference of this energy from yourself to Goddess… it’s an investment into Goddess’ Greatness.

Goddess is a fiery Phoenix.

You are one of the slaves throwing in the coal, keeping the fire embers burning. The wheels turning. My plans for dominance in motion. The reign of Goddess Lady Petite.

It starts with you giving in, head down in reverence.

You outstretch your hands to me, I place on them shackles.

They belong there.

As you work and serve me you start adding small sticks to the fire, and then logs, and finally mountains of coal that turn your hands black and make the fire roar.

All your power, surrendered to my all consuming flames.

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