Chacha is a decentralized investment platform across multiple blockchains. Chacha carries out closed-loop management of investment from pre investment analysis to investment management to post investment tracking, providing a friendly and professional early investment channel for everyone.

🤏Advantages of ChaCha include but not limited to the following.

Chacha will develop a decentralized Ido platform based on multiple public chains.

📍Closed loop management
Projects will be selected from pre investment analysis and voting, in investment smart contract management, post investment intelligence and investment research points analysis on closed-loop management of investment.

📍DAO Governance
Investment analyst recommendation, pre investment analyst voting, project Ido voting, capital flow supervision, project intelligence upload, project investment research report sharing, Project Investment Research Report Download and reward

📍Investment research analysis
The project investment research analysis can be freely uploaded by the community, and the Chacha collected by downloading custom reports. Users who need investment research analysis reports can pay to investment research analysis through smart contracts.

Chacha can be followed here:
Website: 🔗
Twitter: 🔗 Telegram:🔗
Medium: 🔗



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