Features simply means a distinctive attribute or aspect of something.

Thinkium as "the public chain of the public chain" as the following distinctive attribute .

First, the unification of the bottom layer can reduce the construction and maintenance
costs of the public chain.

As the underlying infrastructure, the Thinkium public chain provides a unified bottom
layer capability that allows each public chain to run on it; in a layered mode, the Thinkium public chain is constantly upgrading and iterating, enabling all public chains on it, reducing the construction and maintenance costs of the public chain.

Second, independence and freedom develop the industry’s public chain ecology.

Although each industry’s public chain is built on a unified underlying infrastructure, it
does not mean "eat a big pot of rice." Thinkium allows each chain to develop
independently and freely, including freely building chains, increasing and reducing

the number of nodes, allowing each chain to expand freely shrink

Third, decentralized development and ecological growth.

In the long run, the public chain should eventually evolve to be free of any centralized
organization, develop decentralized ecological nodes in their respective chains, and
realize it with the internal incentive system of the public chain. The spontaneous
growth of the respective chains and the ecology of the underlying Thinkium public
chain will also grow together. Moreover, as long as the minimum requirements are

met, the public chain on Thinkium can exist and not perish.

Fourth, infinite extension, opening up the growth ceiling.

With the increase in the complexity of applications on each public chain and the
increase of users, it is bound to raise higher requirements for the performance of the
chain and storage and other service capabilities. Each industry public chain can
linearly expand service capabilities by expanding nodes to meet the development

requirements of the industry public chain.

Fifth, cross-chain interoperability, providing a unified, efficient, and iteratively

customizable cross-chain interoperability solution.

The public chain is inherently asking for cross-chain interoperability, that is, it can

form a richer application ecosystem by accessing data on different chains. Thinkium
uses the basic services of the underlying public chain and a unified, efficient, and

iteratively customized cross-chain solution to allow users, data, assets, and other
inter-chain intercommunications among the public chains on it to fully enjoy the
services of each public chain and form each public chain. The network effect between
chains lays a solid foundation for a more in-depth society based on blockchain
ecological governance.

Sixth, security guarantees, exerting the network effect of security.

Building a blockchain network by oneself needs to bear the underlying security risks
of the chain alone. The security of all the chains built on the Thinkium’s underlying
public chain can develop together and promote each other. That is, when more nodes
join the network, the security can be improved synchronously; for smaller or newly
built public chains, you can also have the security of large public chains; with the
growth of public chains in various industries, the public chain ecology will also grow
simultaneously, and security will continue to improve.


In view of the aforementioned,it is clear and beyond reasonable that Thinkium will blossom and bear fruit all over the world in the near future.Thinkium has different consensus mechanism and network structure, this make the network performance, scalability, security have different feature. It uses POS+BPFT consensus, which make sure the security of network and also balance scalabilities have unique 4 layer network structure and alpha tree,which make thinkium to reach high performance with low cost.

Official website: https://www.thinkium.net/#/





crypto and blockchain enthusiast💫🌻🌻

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Godwin Stephen

Godwin Stephen

crypto and blockchain enthusiast💫🌻🌻

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