Heterogeneous FrameworK,Tower BFT and Wormhole protocol mechanism of Arc Finance.

Heterogeneous Framework:

A Multi-chain Network

Currently, many different tokens are operating on public chains such as

ETH, BSC, Flow, and SOL. It is difficult for such assets on different chains to
achieve liquidity interaction. Therefore, there is a multi-chain heterogeneous
infrastructure to achieve this compatibility and a wide range of integration.

The heterogeneous sharding function can realize the application scenarios
that simultaneously support multi-chain, cross-chain, and asset interaction.
Heterogeneous sharding protocol aims to solve the linking problem between
multiple chains, (e.g., public chains and chains for specific application), so
that cross-chain transactions can be easily achieved within the Arc Finance

The execution and governance of heterogeneous sharding rely on community
verification. At Arc Finance, community node verification qualification is
obtained through staking the token pair of platform token vs USDT. Users
initiate proposals related to listing, governance and other issues through
on-chain boardrooms in the community node. All proposals will eventually be
decided by public voting. In the public voting, the result is determined by >

50% of the voted tokens.


Tower BFT can ensure the correct operation and profit distribution of

community nodes in Arc Finance that has heterogeneous multi-chains, as
well as the smoothness of system judgment. The schedule of the
"community node timetable" must be calculated early before the nodes it
allocates so that the ledger status it uses to calculate the schedule can be

So how is the "community node timetable" scheduled?

①. Regularly use the PoH scale height (a monotonically increasing counter)
to seed a stable pseudo-random algorithm.

②. At this height, randomly select from all staking accounts of leadership
status, and these accounts vote within the number of ticks configured in the
cluster. This sample is called the active set.

③. Rank the active set according to the weight of equity.

④. Use random seeds to select nodes weighted by equity to create

equity-weighted sorting.

⑤. This sorting takes effect after the number of ticks configured in the
cluster. This duration is called the community node plan offset.

Due to such asynchrony, any new information submitted to the root fork will
not be active until the next period until a new community node is born, and
the first block that crosses the epoch boundary is produced. If the duration

of the partition does not exceed one epoch, this communication will not be
interrupted, but continue to operate as follows:

①. Verifiers constantly update their root forks when voting.

②. Every time the slot height crosses an epoch boundary, the validator will
update its community node schedule.

Tower BFT enables heterogeneous sharding in Arc Finance to authenticate
time sources without permission, and can work before reaching a
consensus, which greatly improves the scalability and liquidity of the
platform ecology.

The Wormhole protocol:

The Wormhole protocol is a bridge that links Ethereum exclusively.

It supports ETH and ERC-20 tokens. It helps users to access the Ethereum
ecosystem more efficiently and quickly, making it easier for ETH holders to

participate in the Arc Finance platform.

With this mechanisms, users can get multiple incentives, such as liquidity mining, liquidity premium from active transactions, transaction rebates, etc., which makes the revenue in Arc Finance even higher than the liquidity mining of Sushiswap, and other leading DEX.

Arc Finance is based on the AUM algorithm and implements liquidity premium trading, so that projects with poor liquidity can make higher profits in
transactions, and that projects with high liquidity can maintain their profits.

Projects in Arc Finance are less dependent on whales, but they can attract
many retail investors to actively participate in the transaction and ecosystem

construction of the project. Arc Finance can help projects to complete basic
market value management, so projects themselves can focus on the devel-

opment and ecological construction.

Media contact:

Web: https://arcdex.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Arc__Finance

Discord: https://discord.gg/SZex7JYkqe

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/ArcFinance_global

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/ArcFinance_announce




crypto and blockchain enthusiast💫🌻🌻

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Godwin Stephen

Godwin Stephen

crypto and blockchain enthusiast💫🌻🌻

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