The State of Artificial Intelligence in Six Visuals
Venture Scanner

hi, quick question about the geographical map titled: “Where are Artificial Intelligence Innovations Happening?” Are they happening in spades in Alaska? I am confused if Alaska is significant in your geographical breakdown or if it is heated red because Alaska is simply under the umbrella of the United States as a leader in Artificial Intelligence. Yes, I know the analysis was just dealing with countries, not states, but I think someone like Edward Tufte would have a heart attack with the misleading claim of WHERE something is happening (the map title) and an attention-grabbing red heat mark (Alaska) where in fact NOTHING is happening. I know you were just going for the big picture of country leaders and non-country leaders in AI, but just something to think about. In other words, if Hawaii were on the map would it be heated dark red because it belongs to the United States? It seems like you are pairing country-specific data and geographical significance in an odd way. Cheers!