Jethro Tull/ Thick as a brick

In a plastic box which was going to be delivered to the thrift store soon I found this quintessential 1972 Tull LP. There was a chance that it might turn out to be a very first pressing which would mean f.i. I could sell it on ebay for as much as $1000!

Unfortunately, the additional Island stamp is not on the Chrysalis label and the inner sleeve comes without the “Made in Great Britain” imprint. (See link)

2nd or 3rd pressing 😪…

Actually, I wouldn’t have put it on ebay anyway. Like it too much. I know it is on youtube, spotify, apple music,… yes, but the analogue sound & the turntable ritual make all the difference 😊.

Best ever Tull album IMHO: ‘Benefit’ (1970)

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