Mirror, Mirror On the Wall
David Bandurski

“Will China, now on the brink of the 50th anniversary of the start of the Cultural Revolution, have the capacity to see itself clearly?”

It seems to be seeing itself pretty clearly.

According to the Chinese (I know, I know, who cares what they think?) their Party-c0ntrolled media provides a much more realistic portrayal of the world than ours.

The Chinese are smarter, better educated, and more widely traveled than us and, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 80–90% of Chinese trust their government — the highest trust level of any national government. (40% of us trust our media.


This post explains why: http://www.inpraiseofchina.com/2014/07/press-freedom-china-vs-usa.html

And according to a recent World Values Survey, 96.7 percent of Chinese expressed confidence in their government, compared to only 37.3 percent of Americans. Likewise, 83.5 percent of Chinese think their country is run for all the people, rather than for a few big interest groups, whereas only 36.7 percent of Americans think the same.

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