⚠️Las Vegas Shooting⚠️: REAL Target Identified? CIA JANET

REAL TARGET Identified? McCarran Int’l Airport

  • A CIA ‘Janet’ airstrip sits behind the venue & shuttles assets to secret locations, including Area51.
  • Janet = Just-Another-Non-Existent-Terminal
  • The vantage point of the hotel rooms are much more suited for targeting the airstrip
  • This would explain:
  • reported car chases & shoot-outs away from the venue
  • Tropicana shots reported
  • why shots heard ‘everywhere’, but no bullets striking the venue
  • why authorities are preferring to let the venue be the target than exposing & publicizing the ‘secret’ airstrip that carries assets daily
  • Looking for other explanations as there is no crime scene at the venue
  • There is no crime scene at the venue
  • No blood & no damage to infrastructure
  • The only crime I can see here is LITTERING
  • This much ‘carnage’ would leave a mess
  • The finely meshed fencing is in perfect shape with NO trace of blood
  • No EMTs or other authorities & no bodily fluids
  • People still at the bar in the background
  • Closer inspection reveals… nothing
  • There will still be bullet holes in the aluminum bleachers
  • The stage would have been ripped to shreds
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