Dr. Kinsey’s: Academic Pedophile Advocates: His Pedo-Legacy Continues

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Story after story of Education-Endorsed Pedophilia

Kinsey advocated that children were sexual from birth and that sexuality was normal and encouraged. He also advocated this… to PTA associations around the US — even at the elementary level. This caused over 2 generations of pedophiles to be raised. Not only are adults indoctrinated, but victims are likely to victimize. The problem is exponential.


Prevention & Investigation

Craig Sawyer of vets4childrescue.org is working with Dr. Reisman , Bob Hamer and others to investigate and educate. Prevention is absolutely key here and this is where the layman can make a difference.

Talk to neighbors
Show up to PTA meetings
Show up to City Council & School Board Meetings
Talk to law enforcement, recreational and religious groups

By making our presence known, we are suppressing current and future activities that could be happening right next door.

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Source: http://www.wnd.com/1999/03/2723/

In 1977 I first clashed with a group of people I call “Academic
Pedophile Advocates” at the British Psychological Association’s
“Conference on Love and Attraction” at Swansea University in Wales.
Ostensibly an “academic” conference, the meeting attracted outraged
press coverage when the leader of the Pedophile Information Exchange
(PIE), Tom O’Carroll, announced he had been invited to lecture on
positive adult-child sex.
At that conference, an old colleague of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, (author of
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male) whispered confidentially to me that
Kinsey was a pedophile. While I was shocked at the time, later research
confirmed that Kinsey had spawned today’s Academic Pedophile Advocates.
By 1987 many such academicians came out as pedophiles in their pseudo
scholarly, publication, The Journal of Paedophilia while professors in
major universities worked covertly to gain unlimited sexual access to
their children, and ours.
Radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger recently exposed such pedophile
advocacy in the powerful American Psychological Association’s
Psychological Bulletin.
A Temple University psychology professor, a University of
Pennsylvania education teacher and a psychology professor at the
University of Michigan claim they investigated 59 “studies” on child
sexual abuse of college students. Imagine! Sex with children could be
fun said the APA authors, so “willing” child sex abuse should be OK.
Dr. Laura concluded that the APA, representing 155,000 members, had
“gone soft” on child molesters. “I’m scared this study could be used to
normalize pedophilia, to change the legal system … like it did
True, but the National Association for Research and Therapy of
Homosexuality (NARTH), noted that “the American Psychiatric Association
already set the stage … [in] the latest diagnostic manual (DSMIV), a
person no longer has a psychological disorder simply because he molests
children.” Thus the APA created psychologically normal” paedophiles.
The NARTH article concludes, “If psychology indeed recognizes
consensual pedophilia as harmless, then civil law and social norms will
be under pressure to follow the lead of social science as indeed they
did on the issue of homosexuality.”
Farberman, the APA publicist denied that publication in the
Psychological Bulletin implies APA endorsement. “We are a scientific
organization. … We try to create a lot of dialogue.” But when Dr.
Laura worried the APA was signaling an “attempt to normalize
pedophilia,” the APA spokeswoman found that dialogue “ridiculous,”
citing a paltry 2.8 journal articles per year for nine years as APA’s
commitment “to protect children and … families.”
Is the recent APA Academic Pedophile Advocacy article, one of the 26
they printed “to protect … children and … families”? Perhaps.
Farberman says “child sexual abuse is harmful.” She does not say
“child-adult sex” is harmful. The oxymoron, “consensual” adult-child sex
has been promoted in psychology and sexology circles since Kinsey. No
surprise that this “study” finds the “negative potential” of sexual
abuse is “overstated.”
These authors claim up to 37 percent of abused boys and 11 percent of
abused girls whom they interviewed, reported their abuse as “positive.”
Pornographers can put money in the bank citing those “data.”
The APA is a reprise of Kinsey’s fraudulent “study,” which took 50
years to begin to expose. Kinsey used child rapists in 1948 who “proved”
their victims enjoyed being raped. When children fainted and had
convulsions during molestation, Kinsey (a sado-masochist) reported their
torture as “pleasure” and “orgasm.” He claimed the “hysterical …
emotional reactions of the parents, police officers, and others” to
molestation, created child trauma. The APA authors agree. Absent
moralism, say the APA authors, children would be untroubled by sexual
Despite the desire for “dialogue” neither of the APAs ever confessed
Kinsey’s fraud or the sexual psychopathology of the Kinsey team. Indeed,
both APAs train students in Kinsey’s “consensual sex” model. Like
Kinsey’s, this phony “study” will also appear in courtrooms, classrooms
and bedrooms. Spitting in the face of massive data to the contrary,
APA’s Academic Pedophile Advocates claim child sexual abuse is less
harmful than physical abuse, neglect and verbal abuse! The goal?
“Classifying a behavior as abuse simply because it is generally viewed
as immoral or defined as illegal is problematic.”
Said Schlessinger to her listeners. “I’ve read this so many times,
I’m sick.” “Psychology has become a god to the general public. … If
pedophilia is not a mental disorder, what is it?”
Later we’ll talk about how Academic Pedophile Advocates are bringing
a “pedophile abduction rights” bill to a theater near you. For example,
in 1994 Oregon Senate Bill 586 proposed that anyone who “established
emotional ties with child may file … for custody, guardianship,
visitation” if they had “a relationship … within the six months …
through interaction, companionship, interplay and mutuality.” Stay
tuned. Anyone smell an APA rat?