MSM Shields Another Illegal Alien After Murder

The HuffPo Spin

Darwin Martinez Torres — a criminal illegal alien — brutally murders a teenager with a bat. HuffPo focuses on her religion in 29 of the 30 paragraphs of the article. Here’s all HuffPo felt was important regarding the criminal.

Fairfax police have arrested and charged 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres with murder. Details of the incident are still unclear, as the investigation is ongoing. Police said in a statement Monday that they are not treating the incident as a hate crime, calling it more likely a case of “road rage.”

Adding to the grotesquely huge pile of morbid examples, MSM purposely deceives the public about the obvious illegal immigration epidemic that is changing American culture and leaving a wide trail of victims along the way.

The 4–5 page article reserves 1 PARAGRAPH for the crime information, with the remaining dedicated to educating the reader about Muslim customs. The propaganda American citizens are constantly subjected to is mind-blowing and non-stop. There once was an attempt at subtlety, but in the last 3 years things have — frankly — become uncomfortably weird.
Browse the article, then search “Darwin Martinez Torres”

Get Ready for HuffPo’s Article

Now For The Obvious Facts

Now that you’ve been properly educated and indoctrinated in Muslim culture, lets try to figure out who actually killed her. Despite HuffPo’s claim that:

“Details of the incident are still unclear, as the investigation is ongoing.”

….it came as NO SURPRISE, that it was an illegal alien that beat her to death with a bat then dumped her in a pond.

The headline leads one to believe several things subtly

  1. An American murdered a Muslim
  2. A Muslim was murdered by an American
  3. An illegal alien did not murder a Muslim
  4. This crime has nothing to do with illegal immigration
  5. This crime is about Religion, not about criminal illegal aliens

So by deception, HuffPo has effectively reversed a news story about

an illegal alien murdering a muslim because illegal immigration is a problem


Americans are targeting Muslims for murder

Don’t you think mentioning “illegal alien” somewhere might help understand the story?

Why would HuffPo intentionally target Americans?

#deepstate PsyOps. It’s all around you. The food you eat kills you so they sell you meds. They arm sub-cultures and sell you a police state. They open borders and sell you welfare. They lump gays and Islam together and somehow the gays support it though they are getting slaughtered world-wide. Sweden was a cultural gem, but now has 150000 Female Genital Mutilation cases reported. So, time to wake up and take charge of your mind and actions.

The HuffPo Crowd

Ignorance of some people would be laughable, if it wasn’t so real

You have got to be kidding me

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