Current News Assignment (Sept. 22)

Racist accusations cause Disney to take action

Disney recently released a children’s costume of the character Maui from the new film “Mohana”. One woman wrote the company, furious that anyone should use a cultural symbol (like that tattoos on the costume) as a dress-up toy for children. Disney formally apologized to her and the public and has removed them from their stores.

Brad Pitt accused of Child abuse

There were allegations of child abuse made against Brad Pitt that have resulted in a routine investigation into the truth of such claims. Pitt is appalled that anyone would make such an accusation and asks that his children be given their space as they are going through this difficult time.

Tennessee Factory Shooting kills three

Thursday, Sept. 22, there was a shooting at the Thomas & Betts factory in Athens, Tennessee. Three are dead, including the suspected shooter. The police are still unsure as to what the shooter’s motive was, but at this time, the tight-nit community is greatly mourning this tragedy.

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