Blame others If you want to be a loser

It’s sure thing that those who blame people around them are losers. It’s obvious for me and not obvious for majority of people. Here is why I decided to talk about it. My roommate slept away and started accusing another my roommate.

Yeah, I am like Gary Vaynerchuk said: “While you’re young eat fast food and live in a room with four people”. That’s what I actually do. But that’s not I wanted to discuss.

So it’s easy to find someone who you can accuse instead of judging yourself. Instead of looking yourself in the mirror and realize you have disadvantages, flaws. That you might slept away because you didn’t actually want to wake up or you didn’t set an alarm. No one is perfect and no one is gonna be.

Blaming is easy, I am like the others sometimes want to shift responsibility, but when you put yourself in position when you’re the last line of defense, there is no one to be accused, but you.