Your life is already motivation

After a couple months of almost doing nothing, sleeping and looking for answers I finally realized what all that Gary Vaynerchuk quotes mean Before I have read “Ego is the enemy” by Ryan Holiday I had no idea what Stoicism is. I heard about Seneca or Marcus Aurelius and even heard the word Stoic, but i didnt know thats gonna be my philosophy and my lighthouse in the darkest sea.

So what i really understood is following:

1. You should live at your limit

If to be honest, do you know your limit ? I dont I really dont, two days ago i was sick and didnt want to run at all, but that itchy thought came to my mind that i have to live on the highest level of pressure I ought to literally fell apart and only then i feel that i am alive.

I have read that book by Dan Waldschmidt — edgy conversations and i have to admit i didnt think the book can change someones life but it did changed mine. I adviced the book to my colleague and she was like:”Oh my God, I have not been living right”

So first push yourself to the limit and only then you will realize what youre capable of.

2.You have to live up to your potential or die

What i mean by that is people follow the plans been written years ago by people who didnt know you and might be stupid, why you should do something if its not yours? Find you way, try and learn, wake up, smile and never get captured by laziness and sadness.

You are the only one who knows whats best for you, so like Gary Vaynerchuk says: “Go do shit”. Sure thing its not easy, doing the one thing for a long time might be challenging, but if you have goals just stick to it and follow it.

3. If you alive that is already a gift

Until you are alive you can solve all the problems. Life is a gift and I mean it I have finally realized it and when i sell on the phone i do about 150 calls a day, talk for hours, wake up early, sleep no more than 6 hours a day and all freetime spend on self-education i can say I have never been happier

And i wish you been busy, have goal and grind away

God bless you

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