So, you’re at home, on lockdown, and you must maintain social distance to keep from spreading …”THE VIRUS”. Has our society and civilized behavior eroded to the point that people are fighting over toilet tissue, coughing on food in the grocery store? Lawyers are expecting a rise in divorce due to couples spending so much time together?

Wow, really! Couples are likely to file for divorce because being at home, has made some realize how much they can’t stand one another. So much for “Better or worse!”. Another phrase I’m hearing is women looking for that man who will treat…

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Once again, another most important day of celebration descends upon men everywhere who must comply or face the wrath of their significant other. While women everywhere anticipate gifts, flowers, jewelry, and showers of (hopefully) sincere affection, men will be standing in the card section at the local drugstore stressing over a dam card.

I worked in an office where the women had their eyes fixed on the front door, waiting for the delivery guy to show up bearing gifts, hopefully, to the one with the most intense gaze. I was amazed at how each woman would declare, “those better be…

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Ah yes, that unknown part of the equation I use to fear in algebra. Solve for “X”. In this case, I’m referring to a formerly know value or person, and dis-placing it or them, from a position formerly occupied.

I decided that in this New Year, I would make some much needed changes; separating myself or making my “X-it” from the people who were draining me of my peace and who were more of a distraction. You definitely can not move forward with grace while looking back in doubt.

Some people don’t believe in the “comma”

As those whom I’ve…

Remember those days when you were sure it was love? You couldn’t eat, you couldn’t sleep, and you couldn’t get the object of your affection off of your mind. In my opinion, anything that makes you not eat, sleep or stop thinking about someone ( let alone thinking clearly ) should be classified as medication and not a rush of the emotion called lust, i mean love.

Let us fast forward to present day and time, I can think of a few public figures that perhaps could use some help in getting up from their fall into the abyss of…

Cleaning house in 2020

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I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a long time ago. It’s been months since I wrote anything, and to think, I call myself a writer. I still love to write, but the mood hasn’t hit me for quite some time, until TODAY!

The past year has presented many problems and challenges for everybody, but I’m writing about my challenges, not everyone else. As I look around my apartment, I see things that no longer serve a purpose, so I packed them up and got rid of them.

Here is where I transition into personal matters

I still love writing, journaling…

“Bitter Sweet Memories”

I can vividly remember the song my sixth-grade class sang during our graduation many years ago; “Everything Must Change.” At that age, growing up in Philadelphia, change was something you welcomed with much anticipation when you were bored. As soon as summertime was over, the only change I was reluctant to embrace was going back to school, and reliving the stressful moments of meeting and making new friends and seeing the ones you didn’t get along with the last school year.

The first day of school was most stressful, and everyone wants to be cool, accepted, and not be the…

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I was always interested in faith when I was a child. At the age of ten, my mother introduced me to a minister from the church to spend time with me to talk about the bible.

The book of Revelations was my book of choice, go figure, at the age of ten, i would sit attentively and listed because I was thirsty for the information. Much of the information I did get, I didn't understand, but my curiosity was stronger with each time the minister and I talked. Going to church wasn't an option for me growing up. …

I overheard a young man saying this the other day while I was out getting coffee; “My wife is leaving me, what should I do man…!”. For the moment, I felt for the guy; he was a young man with plenty of kick left!

If you’ve never had the miss fortune ( or the blessing ) of a woman telling you she is leaving. Just live a little, it will happen, although I hope not. You only experience the joy after the pain, if you loved that person.

I don't know what it is that someone in the relationship feels…

I’m sure I had the pleasure of meeting Karma. If it (Karma) were personified, I wonder would it be a man or a woman? People often make the statement “aint karma a bitch!” Perhaps that's a reference to an unpleasant experience someone had with a woman, and that eared Karma that reference to being a less that agreeable female.

Male or female, it doesn't matter, Karma is that modern cliche of “What goes around comes around” that people often refer to, when they serve you notice, that one day you will get whats coming to you.

Perhaps the universe has…

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning. For me, it matters not if it's raining outside, cloudy and gray, I find the beauty at that moment in the day ( wow…that rhymed beautifully!). I just wanted to get outside the house, grab some breakfast and have a cup of coffee.

There are many places to choose from, I just wanted something simple and walking to the nearest place that would give me a little adventure. Its been a year now since I've moved here and I'm used to seeing my neighborhood from my car, but not on foot. I ventured to…

Going Against The Grain

Nathaniel Lewis Sr., a technology professional by day, a busy writer, reader, and thinker who often goes against the grain in the spaces of time in between.

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