For Nothing, Be Anxious!

Going Against The Grain
Feb 5 · 4 min read
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Today was a good day. I often travel to Florida for meetings and training sessions. It was a good business trip for me; the best time is when the work day is over. I like to sit in the hotel lobby, sip on some of their wine and reflect on the events of the day. There is so much happening around us on our jobs, in our families, and the world today. Meetings take place that you weren't invited to, co-workers stop talking when you enter the conference rooms, you can imagine the things that will run thru one’s mind as you experience these events.

The news is filled with reports of shootings, robberies and other crimes that would make any visitor to a city somewhat anxious. Our government was is in a partial shutdown. Imaging that “a partial shut down!” One eye open, the other closes, is how I see it! (Pun intended!)

Some federal workers were being ordered back to work because their positions/jobs were vital! But, with no pay! Vital enough to be present, but not important enough to receive wages! Many federal worked felt the effects of being anxious before the first week of the shutdown and even more by the time they missed their first pay-check. I suppose it was a relief to hear that our fearless leader of the free world will sign a bill that will give our federal workers back pay. WOW…that’s a costly wall!

I find it interesting how we can be relaxed at the moment, but in reality, in the back of our minds were are truly worried about tomorrow, the future, or the unknown event that may not ever happen. Some things are out of our control, and we fear bad things happening to our families and is all in our head or on the news.

A word of encouragement or inspiration is what I would look for when things are looking doubtful. Anything that will inspire me, give a perspective rooted in facts and not feelings and inspire enough hope to free me from stress and anxiety. You can look to a great orator or motivational speaker, or read a good book. A good laugh often works, but when your done laughing, your mind may drift back to the reason you sought out humor or a break from what worried you.

When I’m faced with challenges in my life, work, family or relationships, I remember this one bible verse that I can take comfort in. “Be Anxious For Nothing!”

I could finish the rest of the verse, but why, this isn't a bible study or an exegesis of scripture. I like the fact that it started with “Be Anxious For Nothing.” The writer and the one who inspired the written word knew something about the effects upon us for being anxious. I won’t give an exhaustive explanation of the text ( Philippians 4:6–7), because the appeal to “Be Anxious For Nothing…” is reminder enough for me; if you want to know why else, then you can read that passage of scripture in its entirety, but not here.

Where there is anxiety, there is no peace. There is so much fear in being anxious, its effect is immediately noticeable. So when the bible can state or mention more than 300 times to “FEAR NOT,” its worth my attention in a relationship, a home, the workplace, and world paralyzed by fear and being restless with anxiety.

Anxious: “ experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” ( 2019)

Sometimes we are anxious over events, a series of things that has yet to happen, and they may never happen! But, these events will play out in our mind, day and night. We prepare for consequences, bad and tragic news and none of it has yet to happen and it may never happen. But we seem to keep telling ourselves…it hasn't happened yet!” Wow…what torment we bring on ourselves.

We become anxious to the point that we cannot perform routine tasks without being distracted by worry about impending doom. As for me, I refuse to worry about anything. Worry will not change anything, especially something that hasn't happened. It is not easy, but I’m stubborn to the point of keeping things in perspective and to “Be Anxious For Nothing!”

When I forget ( and I often do ) because there is so much happening around me that will fill my mind with what may or could happen, and I remind my self again, be anxious…For Nothing!

Today, was still a good day! Tomorrow, well… let's see what happens!

Going Against The Grain

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