Collectible NFT DAO on Elrond Network

Gokai Labs is a decentralised autonomous organisation driven by the community through governance NFT, Mr Ghost on the Elrond Network.

Why Gokai Labs?

We have two propositions to keep the project going in the very long term: becoming a validator of the Elrond network and creating an environmental project.

Gokai Stake
This is the primary target, we are going to stake the EGLDs to become validators of the Elrond network in Asia. “Nodes are computers running the Elrond software, so they contribute to the Elrond network by relaying information and validating it. Each node must bid 2500 EGLD to become a validator and is rewarded for its service.” We would become the first validator of the Elrond network in Thailand.

Gokai Farm
We believe that it is fundamental that a digital project is attached to something physical. Having travelled and flown over Thailand for many years, we were shocked by the intensive cultivation of palm oil or rubber over Phuket and its surroundings. We propose an environmental project that would consist of the acquisition of intensive agricultural fields to recreate biodiversity with sustainable and tokenized eco-forests.

With new methods combining permaculture and technology and a new monetary system, we will encourage market players to use the Elrond network. This adventure responds to many problems such as the preservation of biodiversity, global warming and poverty.

This project will have to be validated by your vote and can only start after phase 1 of Staking.

Gokai Team
There will be a maximum amount of income the team will be able to receive, beyond a decent salary to live comfortably and be able to fully exercise their job, all of which will be injected into the EGLD stake.
The team will be responsible for creating online tools for you to manage the governance of Gokai Labs. To ensure the communication and marketing of the project to make it known and grow, in particular by forging partnerships. Run a node on the Elrond network.

Who is Mr Ghost?

Maiar Ghosts is an 8658 unique Mr Ghost NFT collection on the Elrond blockchain that was born from a wish to create an NFT around the M logo from the Elrond Network ​​digital wallet: Maiar.

Maiar Ghosts are made up of 9 attributes including 265 expressions, 75 backgrounds, 99 decorations, 8 bodies, 78 tools, 61 hats, 39 clouds, 23 jewels and 18 transports. For a total of 666 character traits.

Maiar Ghosts Properties

Some of the layers will be named for popular Elrond Network projects of our time. It will be like a snapshot of the birth of NFT projects on Elrond and Maiar wallet.

If you want your project to be present in this collection please contact us.

We are sure that together we can make Mr Ghost a very popular character in the culture of the Elrond community!

How to invest?

Maiar Ghosts will soon be available for sale. The final details of the collection are being worked on and we are recruiting a community developer to assist us with the smart contracts.

A massive giveaway has already taken place and a new pre-launch giveaway will soon take place.

A pre-sale will then be reserved for the giveaway winners during a first drop. There will be 13 drops with 666 NFTs each for a total of 8658 NFTs.

To get a Mr Ghost or more, you need to install the Maiar App Wallet or create an Elrond Web Wallet. The sale will take place on our website.

Devnet — Mint is not available

For more information, stay tuned or contact us directly on one of our networks.


Jeremy — Founder

Vladimir — Developer

Albert — SEO Expert

Nati — Marketing Director

Louis — Artist

Jessica — Redactor

We are now recruiting a senior Smart Contract developer on Elrond Network, if you are interested to collaborate please contact us!


Deeply involved in the Elrond community for more than a year, Gokai Labs is honoured to have the trust of some of the major actors of the Elrond and other networks.
We are open to new collaborations, feel free to contact us!

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Collectible NFT project on Elrond Network

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Gokai Labs

Gokai Labs

Collectible NFT project on Elrond Network

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