Tipestry.com is Our Social Media

○My funny experience in using Tipestry.com.
○Why did I choose Tipestry.com more than other social media?
○What did I earn from using this platform?
○What is my first impression of Tipestry.com?
○How do I recommend this platform to anyone reading this?


Have you ever found a sort of social media that uses Dogecoins as a kind of tip to the content creators? If not, then Tipestry.com is the first one on that platform as far as I know.

In the last year 2020, I know some earning platform that uses crypto as a form of tip coin. However, although the platform was truly generously provided free money using cryptocurrency the system was a bit difficult to use in my own experience. You need to write a blog every day, although writing is quite fun and entertaining it's also tiresome and time-consuming. I have to spend day and night barely enough for a few paragraphs. Maybe I'm slow brainer and out of ideas at the same time, I'm lacking in skills and knowledge.

However, in 2021 somehow I saw some promotional posts of other members of the community. It was Tipestry.com promotional post, although is a short post but I don't know why I'm captivated by the caption "EARN DOGECOINCASH IN TIPESTRY.COM."

During that time I'm looking for something to spend my free time and that is also the start of pandemics that spread and almost stumbled down every country.

I joined and started to create accounts then scan the platform. Later, I was really satisfied with what I'm seeing, I saw a lot of meme posts and funny gif posts, also I can feast with many stunning photographs. You know, that feeling before in the previous blogging platform, every day I have to read different stories and blogs but after knowing Tipestry.com I see the difference. I enjoy watching the animated gif files, those flying rockets, and those smiling dogs "shiva inu", I love it, and curiosity knocks me off.


I choose Tipestry.com from other social media because it's healthy to use. We know most of the social media today almost all of them are toxic with so many bad issues starting from politics, religions, to moral standards. It's quite dangerous to use also knowing some scam and clickbait posts could store or steal your private info. I don't know but why those obvious fake links are allowed by the platform.

Tipestry is different, the URL links are being filtered in the box once being pasted. We can share content both with links or upload directly. As I said before, I love the creation of funny memes, gif files, and nature's photographs. It doesn't need long words to describe, just simply clicking upvotes and comments is already enough to appreciate the content.

Content in Tipestry.com doesn't allow violence, harassment, or racism, and other harmful behavior. I hate watching those gore videos before on some social media or beating of same fellow human and more often the small animals which is an innocent creature. Although I'm alias Diablo, this name doesn't represent my true self. I'm only using this name because I'm trading gold, but deep inside I hate violence. Tipestry only allows free speech content that doesn't violate community standards.

What only lacking in Tipestry.com is the communication device or messengers system. However, Tipestry grows and progresses every day, and if you are not informed I will tell you that in Tipestry.com you can now create your cryptocurrency that can be used for tipping inside your group, it's a fun experience to give tips and rewards. With this kind of growth, who knows Tipestry soon will have its communication messenger.


Hmmm.. earning is not an issue inside Tipestry.com, every content that has good quality and with higher community engagement can receive a portion of the profit from the platform. Unlike blogging, if you can't write a good article no one bothers or give attention to that content.

Tipestry.com could tip us with $Dogecoins and $DogecoinCash the community token, also there are other cryptos recently registered after the update release. These are the coins that are used in tipping group members.

Joining the contest is very rewarding, as well as getting a consolation price if we cant get the top spot.

In addition, Tipestry.com allows the staking of $DogecoinCash. Visit this link for research www.dogecoincash.org.


I will tell the truth when I first visit the platform I thought it was just a poor and raw website, and so I'm questioning the integrity and standards of this platform. However, it's not quite long to realize that Tipestry.com is unique. We know that $Dogecoin is a meme coin and it uses to tip the community content creator, this concept belongs to making a fun and entertaining social media environment. Imagine, by simply creating a meme you can earn cryptocurrency, other social media couldn't afford to give us many tips what's more in return to our innocent they steal our privacy details and sold later.


In my previous article, I promoted Tipestry and receive a good comment reaction but there are some minor issues. Others misinterpreted the platform that they think it's just easy to earn tips by flooding photographs and none sense posts in the platform, and so the result might lower the integrity and standard but Tipestry.com keeps improving. Every day, with us helping it to improve and making progress, this platform will advance to its best and bring its name to the next level and grow further along with its uses and functions as a free speech social media while taking part in blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.




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