It is time to explore amazing luxury gardens

Talk about luxury and there it is. There are so many options available that you would really feel like a kid in a candy mall with lots of money but still it would be difficult to choose one over the other and choose from the large variety.

Traditional Gardens

In the middle of the hustle bustle in your life related to work, family and relationships what else would you need other than a traditional garden in front of your house. Thinking about peace and silence one often tends to add a beautiful landscape and flowers to it.

The sun setting, birds chirping and there you lay in a comfortable chair with coffee/tea in your hand and enjoy the peace. This can happen at your place too. You can have a traditional garden setup in front of your house.

There can be beautiful sculptures around, a fountain, a little pond and your comfortable chairs. You can have tiles engraved in the sand that leads to your happy place.

Summer Orchard Garden

If you have a vast land ahead of your home and you want it built luxuriously you might want to go for a summer orchard garden. You can always consult professionals to check what kind of trees can grow in your garden and what the quality of your soil is. If the soil is fertile and can grow anything you can go for fruit trees.

Just imagine the beauty of a tree growing in front of your house and bearing fruits. You can have flowers all around and sitting area in the middle of it. You can have the sitting area done in beautiful marble so that it enhances the beauty of the surrounding.

Lake Garden

If you live by the beach or the river and have a garden that needs to be built then you are very lucky to have unlimited options available for you. You can have wood flooring in some areas and stone finish tiles in some.

You can give it a total makeover by adding a Jacuzzi in one area. You can enjoy a hot water Jacuzzi by the beach and relieve all your stress. The fresh breeze and the sound of waves, flowers around and you seems wonderful right.

To take inspiration from other luxury gardens here is the list of the most luxurious gardens in the world

. Garden of cosmic speculation, Scotland.

. Hillwood estate, Museum and Gardens, Washington USA

. Kew gardens, London

. The Butchart garden, British Columbia

. Versailles palace, France

. Keukenhof Garden, Netherlands

. Jardin Majorelle, Morocco

. Yuyuan Garden, China

These are the world’s most luxurious gardens but these are not built in someone’s front lawn. So why have we listed these here? The question is apt.

The answer is that these gardens are spread over acres of land but still you can take inspiration from them. These gardens are divided into various parts. Every part is unique and different so you can take inspiration about flowers, architecture, stones, sculptures everything from these gardens. You have the world to yourself. Go explore.

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