Pros and Cons of Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is one of the techniques used in our homes, offices and schools to enhance the beauty of the place. It not only enhances the beauty of the place but also gives the place a warm texture.

Woods were used in the earlier times and are still used in areas that are prone to earthquakes. Wood gives any place a warm and authentic texture. But there are many pros and cons behind this beautiful veil of hardwood.

This article will help you analyze your need according to the pros and cons of installing hardwood.

  • Hardwood installation might cost you a fortune as the wood used would come from harvested trees so the cost of the wood may differ by the quality of it and its exotic nature.
  • On the other hand you may want to know what other options are available for you to choose instead of hardwood but that gives the look of wood. The other option available is Laminate wood.
  • Laminate wood gives you the look of hardwood at almost half its price and also it is made by composite wood which is pressed together on high temperatures.
  • Hardwood will give your home a beautiful, warm and luxurious look. Despite its beauty Hardwood is also a victim of scratches, termite and moisture. Hardwood will show its wear and tear on the surface which will be a big con for having hardwood.

Flooring is an essential part of our house and as marble flooring can retain wear and tear for a long time whereas hardwood flooring will require repairing early. Floors cannot be prevented from scratches and tear but hardwood has a positive point here that you can repair it and refinish it. Though it might require early repair but it will last for long.

Wooden flooring sounds beautiful and easy but it isn’t really so. Hardwood flooring may require many aspects to be checked upon before you move ahead with its installation. For example if you have tiny toddlers at your place or you are a pet lover specially cat then you should think twice before buying hardwood flooring.

No matter how much you try to protect your floors from scratches from animals or humans, the furniture will cause some scratches too. Also, if you have beautiful sun facing house then you might want to keep the curtains closed because hardwood has a tendency to fade away in sun’s light.

Laminate wood can be an option too if you’re interested in wooden flooring. It might not be as appealing as hardwood but can resist scratches better than hardwood. It also has better protection for sunlight as it is UV rays protected. The choice of choosing one above the other depends on your lifestyle, usage and your family needs. Choose wisely before investing because it is a big one. Happy investing!

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