Guide to the coins of the cities and territories St. Paul visited from cities of Ancient Greece to Rome

It was Paul that was responsible for spreading the Christian church around the known world then. The Apostle Paul was from Tarsus in Cilicia. He was born a Jew and followed the famous Rabbi Gamaliel. Tarsus at that time had a Jewish community living there. On his way to Damascus he had a transformation. And the former persecutor of Jewish-Christians, decided to spread the new religion instead. His new name was Paul He revolutionized the Christian religion by having people not having to become Jewish first before becoming Christian. This led to the breaking of all ties between the Jewish Temple and the Christian Church. Apostle Paul may have traded in woven goods, and this may be the reasoning why he traveled around so much and did so many missionary activities. You may also want to read the biography of St. Paul on Wikipedia.The goal of this guide is to make it easy to learn about the ancient coins in circulation during the lifetime of Jesus Christ and the spread of Christianity. Many of the links included in this guide will take you to search my eBay ancient coin store

This is a list of all the cities and areas he visited on his travels. Most of these cities actually issued coins. If not the city, the coins of the area, province or region may be available to view. There are people, such as bible scholars and others interested in the topic, who put together entire collections that follow St. Paul’s four journeys. A coin of the area may also make a great gift for someone of the faith.

The cities that issued coins are easily clickable and you can actually see the coins from there, which are available for sale. Please note that it looks that eBay auto-corrects some spellings, so for some of the terms, you may need to click the [ Return to original search ] link to actually see the coins available, this is noted for coins of Philippi and Rhegion.

St. Paul’s 1st Journey (Acts: 13:1–14:28)

St. Paul’s 2nd Journey (Acts 15:36–18:22)

St. Paul’s 3rd Journey

St. Paul’s Travels to Rome (Acts 15:36–18:22)

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