Gold Trap — Material design game

We at Gold Trap have created a new game and this is full of fun.

What is this game about?

This is a traditional “Connect to Dots” Game. There are more than 60 levels and this has integration with Turn based Multiplayer game services and it supports Multiplayer games.

But, there are twists…

Yes, I know there are twists, they make this game super exciting:

  1. You can skip your turn.
  2. You can play an extra turn.
  3. The best cheat. You can swap your points with your opponents’ points, even in Multiplayer Game!

Why should I play?

This is super addictive. Trust me. This game challenges your thinking and forces you to strategise. You can also challenge your friends/foes in the Turn Based Multiplayer game.

Anything for the Geek in me?

Yes. Yes. This uses Material Design and uses a lot of Material colors, motion and libraries.

It uses Google Play Game Service and integrates Turn based game API. It integrates with some of the cool things introduced in Google I/O like Native Ads, Firebase FCM notifications, Player Stats, Invites API, SVG vector graphics.

This is internationalised in 10 languages including Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic etc.

This has learning algorithms that increases the difficulty as you progress in the game. Basically, this uses the cutting edge tools and libraries.

Where to Download?

You can find it in the Google Play at

See the game in action below….