My One Takeaway from my Facebook Break

We all are comfortable with being hungry, tired, thirsty or even horny, but the one need we will never admit to is gratification. It provides essential reassurance and feedback that help us with decisions and motivation. While most of our gratification comes from family, professions, relationships and friends, the recent addition is social media.

I am not hear to rag on Facebook, I enjoy it. During the month of January 2015 I missed using events, checking headlines, or satisfying a random curiosity for the status of a long lost friend. But our hunger for gratification is finite, and social media can force out other sources.

I was at a party in December, when I stumbled away to use the men’s room. I checked my Facebook. No notifications. But that didn’t stop me from browsing for a whole five minutes before I thought “What the hell am I doing?” My hunger for social media gratification pushed me away from my friends in my current surrounding and prompted my recent Facebook break.

Balancing social media with jobs, friends, relationships, etc. is a personal en devour. A friend obsessed with their new S.O. is no different than a friend constantly checking how many likes on their social media accounts. Social media is a new addition to our gratification diet and it should be accommodated accordingly.

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