Talk big on nuclear bombs, this is a reality you need to be comfortable with.

Jeremy’s Bomb

3 min readJun 7, 2017


Jeremy Corbyn was attacked for not wanting to launch a nuclear attack. When would you launch one?

The trial of Jeremy

Watching the question time with Jeremy Corbyn there were moments that I thought that he had matured immensely as a politician during his bruising stint as party leader.

Then the audience went Nuclear

Corbyn went on the back foot, trying to bat away the question. His accidental rope-a-dope revealed a blood thirsty streak in Conservative voters, but I couldn’t help but feel there is a better answer. So I thought of a better question.

When do you drop the bomb?

Under what circumstances would I feel comfortable dropping a nuclear bomb.

This is an open list and thought experiment.

Feel free to contribute the specific conditions under which you would be ok with… mass murder of innocents, ecosystem obliteration, a chain reaction of instability across the globe and, if your enemy hadn’t already launched, — putting your own people up as collateral to direct retaliatory nuclear attack.

The #nuclearcode

We have failed with all diplomatic, economic and social engagement with the enemy.

We have lost faith in the capacity of the armed forces, including our cyber warriors to incapacitate enemy nuclear weapons.

We are certain that our use of nuclear weapons will render their nuclear weapons unusable.

We are certain that our use of nuclear weapons will degrade the chain of command such that a retaliatory nuclear strike can not be launched.

We are certain that degrading the command structure will not result in the edges of the enemy’s system launching retaliatory attacks as they have been programmed to.

We are certain that the enemy is not on our territory, making targetting them … tricky.

We have made provision for the evacuation of our people any of our high value targets — cities, infrastructure, bases.

We have made provision for continuity of food and water supply.

We have made provision for continuity of services away from high value targets.

We have reliable evidence that our enemy is preparing a single attack on civilians that will result in deaths of… 10,000 or more. (where is this number).

The enemy chain of command we are targeting represents or has the support of the population where it is based.

Fallout Calculator

And just in case it comes to that moment when you have to decide and you have not met these conditions. You might find it useful to figure our where to escape to when the nuclear bombs come right back at ya. Fallout Calculator

Tell me what other conditions need to be met — and take the survey below.