Starting Again

I know what this looks like.

“Oh he’s trying to blog again? How long will it take this time for him to quit, 10 minutes?”

Well… I admit that I haven’t committed to blogging in my previous attempts, but I feel like now is the right time for me to fully commit this time to writing online. And it’s not just because I want the whispering voice in my head telling me to blog to stop. I have to commit this time, because I have to.

I’m at a weird spot in my life. I just graduated from college, I’m back in my home town, and I can’t honestly predict what is going to happen to my life in the near future. My mind is doing all it can to process what is happening to me, and I feel like the best way to put myself at ease is to write something everyday.

So that’s going to be my goal here. Every day you are going to see at least one blog post from me. I won’t be blogging on my old wordpress blog, because I don’t feel like those blogs I wrote then represent who I am now (though I still think that the Amazing Spider-Man film is a piece of hot garbage). So if you have been waiting for me to talk about movies I’ve seen in more detail, or if you just want to know what’s currently bouncing around in my brain, then this is for you.

I can’t guarantee you’ll like every post I make, but I promise you this is all me.

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