Announcing SDREM, a script setting up Rails on Mac

What the hell is that ?

SDREM means Setup Dev Rails Env for Mac. It’s a script allowing you to install my personnal dev conf. I’ve just published SDREM on github.

I like to automate things and build useful softwares. That’s why I wrote a script that helps to install my Rails stack easily . Thanks to this I’m saving times for the next installation I’ll do.

Shipping softwares that correctly work is one of my priority so I decided to test my script with another Yosemite. I did something that I called a “Mac-ception”.

How to create a Yosemite Virtual Machine without an iso file ?

I found what I was looking for in the following link : This little trick allows me to create a Yosemite VM inside my own Yosemite. With this approach I tested my script inside a new environment.

I used the awesome setup wrote by Chris Oliver here : And everything was just working the first time, no need to customize a lot.


Now I can install my stack, in a few minutes, and it’ll help me to setup my dev env in the next company where I’ll work.

You can found my conf right here :

Enjoy !

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